One of the distinguishing features of the 80’s music is the synth coupled with reverb which makes the recordings sound older and tinny in today’s entertainment industry. Most of the rock music wasn’t recorded this way but used to be fashionable them days. The synthetic sounds have advanced since the 80’s and that is why the olden records sound outdated.

Pop music

Pop music is timeless and that’s why you will find it in every decade. There is this misconception that only the earliest rock is timeless but this is downright subjective. Bearing that in mind, there are common production styles and sounds which orange county cover bands should consider outdated with regards to the present pop music. The craziest aspects are integrated to build newer songs which define the 80’s style. If you are keen on the drums as well as the reverb of the 80’s songs, they have a way of making the cover songs outshine the 90’s dance music. However, there are many more rock songs which are equally good. Nonetheless, not all the 80’s pop stars maintained their fame. If you ask the young people today, they would tell you that Bananarama is a type of ice cream while it was actually an 80’s music band. But with a comeback of the 80’s songs, the music is being appreciated even more by youngsters.

Old Hindi songs

This music is a favorite of those who love old music. The music evoked different feelings. It started in an era when people loved songs for soothing their souls. The famous old Hindi songs are mostly listened to by Bollywood fans. Today, people can download the songs on their mobile apps and enjoy the melodious tunes.

Heavy Metal

Any 80s cover band can hardly go far without creating a rundown of hair-metal songs. These were sung by mega-bands in the 1980s from Bon Jovi, Guns n Rose, etc. Bon Jovi, for instance, hit the number one Billboard in 1986. This music had its downside. For instance, the ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson which was introduced in 1982 came out as a horror video which would scare the daylights out of kids. The heavy metal leaves a lasting impression even on the eras to come. It defines the feeling and tone of the decade.

Surely, there is no comparison between the 80’s with the likes of Tiffany, Michael Jackson, and Madonna but the music is considered the anthems of many. It defines who people are and the best way to revisit the great pop songs is to watch live Orange County cover bands performing at various venues. What a better way to experience olden dance moves and musical styles of the 80’s decade?

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