Stock market is a place where buyers and sellers of the shares meet and decide the price to trade. We can also say that stock markets are the secondary markets in which existing owners of the shares can transact with the potential buyers. However, trading in stocks are not very easy because market is prone to various risks. Hence, to minimize these risks traders take trading tips like commodity tips before they trade and with this they can invest with some investment ideas.

Anyone can trade but finding the right price which should be paid for a stock or the best price on which the stock can be sold is not very easy and this is the most important way by which investors make money in the stock market.

When you start trading in stocks, the first and important task is to buy the stock at the right price. But how would you know the right price. Different traders and investors will have the different answers, but they all would agree that you should buy below what the future price will be.

There may be many ways to come up with a future price. However, we can’t know the future for sure, any future price is a best guess.

Some indicators which you should consider.

1. Earnings: You should look for the companies that post year to year earnings and any occasional jerk during the recession is acceptable. However, this is not a perfect metric therefore you should always remember that accounting charges can reduce earnings. Hence, you should look at it. Always make sure that the target company is announcing earnings substantially higher than its sector and also, compare it to the major competitors.

2. Free Cash Flow: Strong companies particularly have a large flow of free cash and they also generate a lot of cash. Free cash is defined as the cash which is the left over after the company reinvests in itself to keep the business operating. And the another way to think of this is how much cash you could pull out of the business without forcing any single change in operations.

3. Return on assets(ROA): Return on assets is the measure which tells the investors about the company’s assets that the company is using the assets wisely and creating value for the owners. This also shows that how efficient is the company in generating earnings. Most of the strong companies have a superior return on assets to their sector.

4. Return on equity(ROE): This is the another way by which you can look at the company’s profit-generating efficiency figures. This measure will show you that how the company uses debt in addition to assets. Whereas, to run the business most of the companies use some debt.

Trading is very beneficial if you trade carefully. To earn well in the market you should have good knowledge of it. By keeping in mind the indicators mentioned above you can trade safely along with this you can take services from a registered stock market advisory. Both the things will help you to invest safely and to settle in market.

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