Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, having a technology that maximizes the efficiency of your team’s work while still reducing communication spending with either your team or your customers is what you need. VoIP PBX can do all this and a little more for your company. What companies are looking for are solutions that can fully meet their needs and the use of a central PBX VoIP is the most suitable for corporate environments, given the range of advantages over other equipment on the market.

What are the benefits offered by a VoIP PBX?

There are countless benefits that a VoIP PBX offers its customers, however, we can cite the quality of data transmission as one of the key. Calls from a VoIP PBX are better than calls from a regular PBX or from normal phone calls. The costs for each connection are another great advantage that we need to mention. The values ​​do not change for both domestic and international calls, and local calls have a lower rate than other types of calls, making calling costs in your business much lower.

Changes to the VoIP PBX settings are quick, taking only a few seconds to complete. In the PABX and traditional telephony model, companies usually request the inclusion and withdrawal of extensions with a certain frequency, according to their need, needing an update at the exchange. Using VoIP technology, this process becomes practical and very agile.

For the installation of your VoIP PBX, the first step is to hire a specialized telephone system Dubai company. The process itself is fast, being finalized the same day of the schedule, minimizing the impacts caused by the pause in the existing extensions.

The difference that a central PBX VoIP makes in your company can be perceived even in the return of customers referring to the service provided. The satisfaction is not only with the company, because the customers also feel the difference in the service provided.

1. VoIP PBX ensure mobility

If you work in an organization using an intranet or extranet, you can access your office from home using VoIP PBX. You can convert your home into an office segment and remotely use the voice, fax and work data services through your organization’s intranet.

2. VoIP PBX Reduce Fax Costs

A common problem in fax services that use RPTC is the high cost for long distances, the quality attenuation on the analog signals and the incompatibility between the machines communicate. Real-time fax transmission via VoIP PBX simply uses a fax interface to convert data into packets and ensures complete data delivery in a very reliable way.

3. More freedom

The traditional analog telephone model makes the user dependent on the operator. This restricts the quality of the service and greatly limits a call center. Not to mention the charges and charges specific to each type of connection. VoIP PBX allows the user greater freedom, being able to change the route of exit of its connections at any moment. The routes have differentiated tariffs, allowing greater control of the cost. You decide how much you want to pay.

4. Easy integration

Since it is a fully developed application on the internet, knowledge about VoIP is much broader. Several developers have access and ability to build integrated solutions and support is much simpler. Any questioning already has a response on the network. The installation is uncomplicated and works well on equipment from all manufacturers, without limitations.

5. Increased productivity

As if simplicity in use were not enough, allowing integration with other programs helps to speed up the work even more. The service process becomes optimized, more comfortable for the operator and more satisfactory for the client on the other side. With an integrated CRM, for example, you will have the customer’s registration on the screen automatically the moment you start the call. So, you do not waste time and already have all the information available on that case, ensuring a differentiated and effective service.

6. Unification of extensions

With VoIP PBX technology, the company can unify all its extensions, be they VoIP system or conventional telephony. Thus, it is not necessary to change the phone number of any employee, regardless of the department in which he or she works. This greatly facilitates the integration of technology with the organization’s day-to-day operations, since employees can adapt to it without abrupt changes.

7. Facilitated network administration

A company that works with IP PBX can integrate all its telephony extensions into a single data network, which greatly facilitates its administration. Thus, if any problems occur on the network or at a specific extension, the organization can detect and correct them much faster, which avoids damage to business communication. In addition, you can add or remove extensions or IP phones connected to the PBX system, whenever necessary. It is an interesting maneuver for those who want to change numbers or if the system needs to undergo some kind of repair. In this way, the company does not have its activities affected by a maintenance, for example.

8. Improvement in customer service

The VoIP PBX is one of the best alternatives for organizations that want to take customer service to another level. Through this technology, the company can deploy the Audible Response Unit (URA), which serves the connections with a personalized recording. Thus, the customer is directed to the sector for which he wants service quickly and efficiently, without the need to go through several attendants, which makes all service much more modern and efficient.

9. Improved status visibility

Knowing and understanding what is happening in the system is critical. In an analog network, it may be difficult to have this information. But with digital technology, you can view the status of the telephone system quickly and clearly through a web-based management panel.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the need to train the team. Although VoIP PBX is extremely simple to work with and requires little maintenance, it is important to ensure that everyone is safe in the use of the service.

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