uPVC is replacing traditional wooden doors and windows, and quickly. Short for unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, this material works best for doors, windows, and pipelines. While using  uPVC during the construction of doors and windows, it is wrapped around a core made of galvanised steel, making it stronger and firmer.

uPVC is not easily affected by climatic changes and lasts longer, making it a suitable material for doors and windows.

Here are some benefits of uPVC doors & windows

1) One of its significant advantages is, they are stronger than the old and traditional wooden doors and windows.

2) uPVC doors and windows are unaffected by climatic changes. They don’t puff up in damp weather, are, weatherproof and retain their original shape despite the vagaries of nature.

3) uPVC doors & windows are almost maintenance free. They usually come with extended warranties as they are sturdy and long lasting. Liberty21 uPVC doors & windows come with a ten-year warranty

4 )Provide a high level of insulation against noise, ensuring you are at peace at home.

5) They fit snugly, have better insulating properties than their wooden equivalents and prevent cold drafts from entering the house and the heat from leaving the house, keeping your home warm and reducing your energy bills.

6) With a strong layer of galvanised steel, it is difficult for intruders to break into your home, making your home more safe and secure than ever. Additionally, they cannot be broken into using crowbars, increasing your security manifold.

7) uPVC materials are not prone to combustion, in fact, they are fire retardant which means, they won’t encourage fires.

8) They do not rot, and neither do they corrode; they easily last longer than their wooden counterparts.

9) Flexible enough to be opened from two sides uPVC doors & windows allow more natural light into your home and also facilitate better ventilation.


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