There are different types of drain unblockers in Auckland. It is important to understand how drain cleaners work before we use them.

Drain blockages are very common and sometimes they can take much of our time. They can cause a headache. The only solution to this is not to panic. There are simple measures you can take to make the drain work again.

Commercial drain cleaners

Drain cleaners are sometimes the best option that can unclog blocked drains effectively. Some drain cleaners are commonly advertised and you may just be tempted to buy them and pour them down the drain. This is not necessarily a good idea. There are other better ways that are more effective when using drain cleaners to clear your drain.

Chemical drain cleaners

These are chemical, do-it-yourself drain unblockers in Auckland NZ for sale and they come in gel, powder or liquid form. You can buy them from stores or online. These types of cleaners use strong chemicals and the chemical reactions involve mobile electrons. Chemical cleaners work by giving the electrons to the substance causing the clogging or by taking electrons from the substance causing the clogging. Chemical drain cleaners generate heat in the process are caustic, and create toxic fumes.

Types of chemical drain cleaners

There are three main types of chemical drain cleaners namely oxidizing drain cleaners, caustic drain cleaners and acid drain cleaners.

Most of the chemical drain cleaners produce heat as they react. Using chemical drain cleaners can cause damage as they soften the PVC pipes and the damage can be more if you use them on old metal pipes. It is therefore recommended you use the drain cleaners as instructed. The cleaners are also extremely toxic and they should not be swallowed. They shouldn’t come in contact with mucous membranes, eyes and skin. They can also explode if they are not used properly.

A much better option is to call on professional drain unblockers Auckland to get the job done for you properly and safely.

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