Tweepforce Enables Businesses to have a shop Inside Private Messaging

TweepForce turns your company’s Social Media engagement into Commerce. We help you create a smooth customer journey from product discovery and reviews, guiding the way to buying the products or services all inside the direct message.

How does it work

TweepForce is designed for engagement; empower your business to automate, yet personalize Twitter/Facebook engagement with your customers. You’ll be able to generate leads and follow up in real-time to convert them into sales.


Why TweepForce

TweepForce is changing the way e-commerce is done, opening up the Twitter market to digital agencies, businesses, and digital in-house teams who are looking to increase traffic, improve sales conversions, and save big money on advertising.


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TweepForce’s proprietary technology allows businesses to sell their products directly on Twitter using a series of hashtags. Now a brand can harness the power of social media and not only create a buzz around a product but at that very moment the buzz is generated, make a sale!

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