McDonald’s Ramzan Offers

As the festivities continue, so do McDonald’s trend of coming up with blockbuster combo offers. To commemorate this Ramzan, McDonald’s brings to you two amazing offer combos – the Hearty Chicken Combo and the Festive Combo.

These wholesome combo offers are the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family. McDonald’s has always been a popular destination for family gatherings, chilling with friends and for solo burger enthusiasts as well.

Burgers from McDonald’s have stood the test of time and become one of widely catered dishes around the world. In your local McDonald’s, you can get both savoury gourmet burgers as well as the wholesome but uncomplicated McAloo Tikki. The diversity and variety of burgers that we have access to has been absolutely mind boggling, and slowly, steadily and gradually, the burger has replaced the ‘samosa’ as the Indian youth’s go to choice of snack.

This Ramzan, you can avail these great combos from your nearest McDonald’s Outlet.

Hearty Chicken Combo

This is the one of the purely chicken combos out there. If you’re a fan of chicken, then look no further. The first item of the combo is crispy fried chicken strips, which are succulent and subtly tangy pieces of chicken with a crispy deep fried coating which makes it a gastronomical delight. There are three pieces of crispy fried chicken, and is best coupled with the amazing Sriracha sauce. Very few snacks in the world are as collectively loved and consumed on a large scale as Chicken Nuggets, an item which was coincidentally popularized by McDonald’s itself. This combo features 6 chicken nuggets. The final piece of this epic jigsaw puzzle is certainly the most mouth-watering item – two pieces of wholesome chicken patty – no bun, no bread, just the juicy patty. To accompany this chicken extravaganza you get a refreshing glass of Coke.

Festive Combo

This combo has a very festive vibe to it. The festive combo features signature McDonald’s fries as accompaniment, a choice of veg or non-veg burger, naan or wrap for your main course, a glass of chilled Coke to quench your thirst, and a soft serve hot fudge as dessert.

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