Japan has undoubtedly continued to excel as the market leading automobile exporter in the year 2018. With a wide range of world’s top-selling automobile brands up to an extensive range of commercial and passenger vehicles, Japan ranks on top of all when it comes to the global automobile industry.

According to the recent market highlights, it cannot be denied that Japan is exporting a total of more than 150,000 new and used cars every week to different regions of the world. In addition to that, industry analysts have predicted that the total count will further rise.

Let us now get to know the main reasons why customers prefer to import cars from Japan.

An unmatched level of performance

Performance is considered to be the prime reason for most of the customers to prefer looking for a Japanese manufactured car. According to most of the car seller, it has been prominently observed that most customers continue relying on Japanese cars as they have already experienced the unmatched level of promising car performance.

Packed with the latest features

Next to performance, Japanese cars are globally recognized for offering the best in class driving experienced backed by a number of latest features. According to several industry analysts, offering the best set of features at an exceptionally affordable price is one of the reasons for customers to import cars from Japan.

Greater affordability

Most of the customers agree that Japanese cars are much promising when it comes to finding the best balance between quality and price. Japanese car manufacturers have become the industry pioneers in selling high quality affordable cars across the world.

Greater capability of supply

It is absolutely true that the Japanese auto auction system has progressed at a much larger scale. Now thousands of vehicles are exported on a weekly basis. Most of the industry experts are expecting it to be the next biggest influential element for the global automobile industry.

Considerable cost of ownership

According to most of the new and used Japanese car owners, it is one of the biggest reasons that these cars do not incur a lot of cost in terms of managing the entire wear and tear of their cars.

The majority of industry experts agree with the fact that Japanese cars are pretty much promising when it comes to calculating the entire cost of owning a car. Most of the car owners continue using their cars without spending a considerable amount of money on the overall wear and tear of their cars.

Conclusively, it can be easily said that all of the above listed reasons play a vital role in not just satisfying the global pool of target audience for Japanese cars but in addition to that, these have become the major unique selling proposition for most of the sellers around the globe. Moreover, we can easily say that there is a bright future for Japanese car manufacturers and exporters.

Author Bio

Timothy Grill is a qualified and dedicated automobile industry analyst. He owns an extensive experience for working with several car manufacturer, auto auction houses and large scale car dealerships that import cars from Japan. While working as an active industry analysts he has continued sharing his valued findings and conclusions with the global community of automobile enthusiasts.

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