Finding quality contemporary furniture stores to decorate your home can be a time-consuming task, but whether you’re redecorating or relocating to a new home, you’re spoiled for choice in Melbourne. But selecting from the wide range of furniture styles available can be tricky. Ideally, you want your furniture to convey your character. Here are a few tips to select the best style for you and your home.

Choose Furniture That Suits The Room

Consider the room as it is, but also envision how you want it to look. There are a number of ways you can transform a room, from rugs and feature wall hangings to the furniture you fill it with. Think of ways you can make these additional decorative items complement your furniture.

Colour Schemes

Choose furniture that goes well together, whether it’s a matching suite or not. Visiting a local showroom is a good way to see how colours and furniture are matched and used to add variety to a room.

Use The Space You Have

Creating a small floor plan to visualise how your furniture will sit is a good starting point before you head out shopping. Think of what will be best placed in the corners and the smaller spaces, and what can take centre place in the room. Measure the space you know the dimensions and the size of the furniture you’re looking for. Quite often, people buy items that are over or undersized, and are either left with a room that feels cramped or furniture that seems too small. Feel free to take the floorplan with you into a showroom and get a professional opinion.

Choose a Set

Generally, purchasing a set of furniture is a good way to ensure the theme of your room, and often saves you money rather than purchasing separate items. There are often deals for purchasing a suite, so don’t be afraid to ask the store if there are any items available at a discount.

Get a Professional Opinion

When you visit a showroom, make use of the sellers on the floor and ask them for design tips. Take a photo of the room so they can visualise the space and light, and offer some guidance about the best use of the space. They can help you select the best style to complement the room, as well as the best fabrics, patterns and colour schemes to match the walls and other furnishings.

Think About The Fabric

When trying to select the best fabric for your new furniture, think about the lifestyle you live and how it will wear over time. If you have kids and pets, leather may be a preference over fabric for its ease of cleaning, but may not be as comfortable to lounge on as a finer textured textile. Consider who will be using the furniture and how when you’re making your choice.

For more inspiration, visit Gainsville, located in Melbourne’s CBD. Their showroom is one of the best contemporary furniture stores, with styles influenced by both Australian and European fashion. Offering all forms of contemporary furniture with the finest fabrics, the best quality leather, intricate rugs, beautiful art and a custom blinds service. Their team of professionals are always on hand to help you with your design queries.

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