You may be true that thousands of beaches and other tourist spots you can visit. But you should always choose the best place to travel and stay on for a while. Here is a perfect place you can unwind and wander in Palawan. Welcome to the Black Island or the Malajon Island. Malajon Island is the largest in the Calamian Group of Islands in Palawan.

You may wonder why it is called the Black Island. Once you get there, the menacing look of the Island because of the dark massive karst cliff settled at the center of the island will welcome you. Do not be terrified because the white sand and the clear blue water will comfort you and would make you feel calm.

You can do a lot of activities on the island. This is a place made perfectly for a team or a group who always want to go fun together. A big group would enjoy the place by chartering a private boat to take control your itinerary. You can tour around the Island and can enjoy the scenery. You would also be accompanied by a tour guide with a very affordable service fee. If roaming around is not your thing, you can just place a tent, relax and enjoy the music of the beach.

You can also visit their caves and see for yourself the dark wall after the beach. You would be able to have a glimpse of the cold crystal water. Staying on the island for a day or two is already a fun experience. It is not how long you stayed in the place but how you spend and enjoy the time sensibly.

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