There are only a few things that have been in trend since centuries. And one of these things is ‘flowers’.  Indeed, many eras have come and gone but flowers have been the charm of every time. Even today people are crazy to exchange gorgeous flower bouquets and arrangements on different occasions. There are families that decorate their space with flower arrangements. Amidst different types of flowers, roses are always adored.

How much do you know about roses?

While there are more than 100 species and nearly 13,000 identifiable varieties of roses across the world, there are always choices and people love the roses that are popular in their areas. But that nowhere means that the roses of other places are less beautiful or fragranced.   You know the word “rose” is French. However it originates from a Latin word, “rosa”. When used in the context of endearment, Rosa denotes and means “love”.  And it might also interest you that all roses were initially wild. Today they grow in diverse parts of the world like North America, northwest Africa, Europe as well as various parts of Asia and Oceania.

Roses are debatably the most gorgeous and meaningful of all types of flowers. Below are some really interesting facts that might leave your jaws dropped. Have a look below:

A secret meaning

If the bunch of roses possesses open flowers, it simply symbolises the love that has already blossomed. However the tightly closed buds denote silent emotion. So, next time when you receive or give a bouquet of roses; pay a thought to their shape. Are they open or closed?

Keep them healthy

If your beloved has given you a plant of roses and you has nurtured it with love and water; that is so cute.   But you have to remember that these Roses are extremely prone to diseases like black spot, sooty mould, grey mould and rust. These all things can be treated but the finest way to evade them is to ensure your roses are watered and well fed.

A Symbol of Love

Rose has always been considered as a symbol of love. The link of roses with love dates back to Aphrodite who was the mythological Ancient Greek goddess of love. She has often been portrayed with roses around her feet and head. It, according to legend, sprang from crimson blood of her dead beloved Adonis!

Colours has a story

Be aware of the shade of a gift of roses. In the language of roses red means love, white indicates purity and yellow specifies a decidedly tepid friendship. So, you need to be thoughtful when you send a bouquet of roses to anyone. Of course if you have a friend in Dehradun and you are really fond of him; you must send him a bouquet of yellow roses. The services like flower delivery in dehradun will bridge the gap between your bouquet and the friend!

So, go ahead and express your emotions through a bouquet of roses. These roses will fragrance your relationship and beautify your bonds.

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