The great happiness comes wearing the tints of great responsibilities. Same goes for the period of pregnancy. if you are about to bring a new member to your family then, you must also be having countless suggestions starting from your mother, sister, friend, husband, father or neighbour. All these suggestions are centralised on the best possible health of you and your baby but the sudden tide of such countless suggestion creates a havoc of confusion in mind. You must be getting tangled about what to eat or what not. In order of keeping the proper track of your health let us tell you some amazing names of food items which you must include in your diet plan at the time of pregnancy. You can also prefer to gather this information from pregnancy food guide in Hindi for establishing the great understanding.

The name of these food items are-

1 Carrot

The orange member belonging to the family of vegetable is a treasure of nutrition on the planet called earth. It is a fully loaded package of proteins, carbs and vitamins namely- Vitamin -A, Vitamin- D and Vitamin B-12 and the trans fats. The consumption after a night at the time of pregnancy prove helpful for the proper growth of bones and the development of the brain in a striking manner. So there is no doubt that carrot is the best option for your better health.


2 Beans-

Beans are the most effective source of providing the enormous amount of protein vitamins minerals such as magnesium potassium and so also the proper amount of folic acid. Apart from these beans are an amazing source of assimilation of fibres in your body for the purpose of maintaining a prosperous health of the mother and the baby.

The benefit of consuming the beans is that it keeps you away from the discomforts and morning sickness. This is another reason why we have mentioned beans in the list of the essential food you must take at the time of your pregnancy.

3 Strawberry

The beautiful red member of the family of fruits is incredibly juicy in nature.

the advantage of including the Strawberry in your diet plan at the time of pregnancy is that it keeps the rate of Folic acid high in your body and so also accompany the proper amount of minerals such as potassium sodium and magnesium the other facts relating with the strawberries that it maintains the proper weight of your little love. As it tends to turn to be the most important element in the way of keeping you are neutral stable.

The above mentioned are the precious sort of food items which will lead to being really helpful at the time of your pregnancy. The intake of these food items ensures the proper growth, weight, development of cells. Apart from this, you may also look for tips for pregnancy food in Hindi for the people having a problem with the English language.

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