Terrazzo is one of the most widely used flooring materials. Terrazzo is essentially a rough cut marble floor made of marbles, chips, glass, granite, etc. The stone, though one of the most widely used flooring material, needs to be taken care of extensively. While most people prefer scrubbing and cleaning of the flooring materials all by themselves, this won’t yield any effective results. Hence, you need to hire professional staffs to do the job for you. Terrazzo restoration Company offers the best solutions to clean and restore your terrazzo floors in no time.

Why do you need professional restoration services?

Terrazzo restoration and cleaning isn’t an easy job to do. Unlike other flooring materials, simple scrubbing and bleaching won’t work for terrazzo stones. You need to hire the company who specializes in terrazzo restoration. Their areas of expertise include the following:

  • Stain removing: Terrazzo floors are prone to stains. People often place carpets on their terrazzo floor. But if the carpet is kept there for years, it will stain the floor. Certain other liquid stuff also stains the floor and tarnishes its color. But with the help of terrazzo restoration services, you can expect efficient restoration of the floor.

  • Commercial and residential restoration services: whether it’s your home, office, or industry, you can expect top-quality services for all terrazzo flooring materials. With expert and trained staffs at your service, you no longer need to take care of your floors all by your own.

  • Deep pore technology: The Company uses deep pore technology to clean terrazzo floors where dust particles get accumulated deep inside the pores.

Restoration procedure

The restoration process comprises of three main mechanical steps.

  • Grinding: Grinding is the first and essential step for terrazzo restoration. Floor grinding is done with the help of diamond abrasive pads and water.

  • Honing: After grinding, the roughness of the floor still exists. Hence, to make the floor surface smooth, honing is done. A finer grit abrasive pad is used to hone the floor surface.

  • Polishing: While the above-mentioned steps remove stains, scratches, etc. from the floor surface, they don’t necessarily make the floor shiny. Hence, polishing the floor surface with thefine diamond abrasive pad is done.


It often happens that people don’t opt for Terrazzo Restoration services from professional service providers. Hence, their floors remain unclean, which in turn destroys the overall impression of the home. Hence, occasional restoring and cleaning are recommended. It doesn’t only help the floors retain their appearance but also removes unwanted dust and dirt particles.

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