Gone are the days when marketing was dependent on traditional ways like pamphlets, TV ads, newspapers, magazines and flyers to reach out to the target audience. Since social media has taken over, connecting to our peers has never been so easy. There are multiple social media platforms which let you get in touch with people online. As technology upgrades, it paves way for many innovations and implementations of those technologies in real life scenarios. One such increasingly popular technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is growing at a rapid pace and is being implemented by many. AI is no longer a farfetched science-fiction dream because now it can perform human-like tasks without any human intervention. It is a hot topic and every other industry is deploying it to reap the multitude benefits. The technology presents a bright future in the field of marketing because it can serve multiple customers in limited time with quality support.

Why the need to introduce AI in Marketing?

Uses of AI, which are beneficial for multiple businesses, brings us to AI in social media marketing. Lead generation is one of the important aspects of AI in marketing because it helps to collect data from various relevant sources which are directly connected to a business. AI can help nurture these leads to a much better degree. Let’s have a look at an example of AI on social media platforms:

One of the most popular examples of Artificial Intelligence in social media is the face filters in your camera which changes and adjusts according to your face, facial movements and sounds. Another example can be customer service bots which have been providing real-time support since the AOL Instant Messaging days.
To understand the basic human psychology while surfing the internet, AI monitors various aspects of customer behavior like:

The time a user spends online
The webpages surfed and posts followed
Why the user is using social media platforms

There is a great potential for success when you combine Social Media Marketing with Artificial Intelligence. Here are some areas which will benefit through AI:

Analysis of data

AI plays a very important role in the success of marketing campaigns through collection and analysis of data. The AI algorithms which are currently being used are very accurate and take many factors into consideration instead of data interpretation methods of yesterday. You can pin point your audience and then push all your marketing efforts towards them for optimum results with AI and AI-enables tools.

Greater insights on CRM

There is a huge amount of data hidden in emails and phone calls which goes for a toss if not mined properly for future use. With AI, one can find the right direction to look for such data which can be useful to initiate a successful conversation. With sufficient amounts of data, one can analyze a sentiment behind social media activity of a user.

Targeting the right audience

For a better personalized marketing, AI can smartly segregate customers for targeting the right kind of audience for right kind of product or service. AI can recognize which type of content (blogs, articles, and case studies) will help which type of audience. With relevant content, one will be able to attract the right customer.

Serving customers

We might not be at that stage where AI will answer all customer queries and solve their problems, but they can definitely make this process for customer service executives much easier. Many-a-times we see that customers comment on social media if they have a certain issue and thus, many major brands have started using AI to solve these queries and prioritize these concerns. AI can track the relevant profiles on social media to chat by filtering out fake, bots and spam profiles.

Competitor Analysis

Tracking competitors and their activity is an easy task for AI because it is one of the areas where AI has made good improvement. AI can strategically analyze the competitor’s social profile and track their activity in order to compare the online presence. AI will effectively run this analysis on your social profile too to get the perfect result while comparing with the competitors. This type of analysis will give a great advantage over your competitors to use the best techniques and strategies in the market.


Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing can prove to be a big advantage if used in the right way at the right place. AI offers many opportunities to marketers to showcase their abilities online in order to get maximum benefits out of the technology. AI will definitely bring more changes to e-marketing in the coming years and there will be multiple new ways to implement this technology in the field of marketing.

How often do you visit social media? How does it affect you? Does it answer your queries right away? These are some questions you should consider when if you would market in social media? You should place your feet in the visitor’s shoes to make sure to have an effective one.

Here are some things to consider when marketing through social media:

  1. Competitors – You should always consider that social media is the topmost choice of the people when looking for something as the technology progresses worldwide. Aside from being convenient, it answers your queries right thereafter. After considering this, you must think of an idea of what uniqueness you can make that your competitors don’t have.

2. Quality Content – You should make and ensure content with high quality. Consumers are so                overwhelmed with newsfeed that makes a noise in the social media. In that way, articles on the            website will be read and noticed, by then catching the visitors attention would start. Also,                      make  a convincing statement that encourages them to leave a feedback.

3. Good and Big Visuals – It is always a big help to have a big and good visual. By good, it means,            readable, has related color to the product and has a short but convincing statement.

Lastly, when marketing through social media make each statement straight to the point and avoid using words that are hard to understand. Remember that the ultimate form of marketing is inspiring advocacy from your fans. I hope this helps you make your strategy better when marketing in social media.

One of the chief reasons for making the most of social media marketing is for driving more and more traffic to your website. If you use this smartly, social media could become an amazing source of your website traffic that could assist you in establishing a blog or an online business successfully. While running a fabulous social media campaign for driving more and more traffic to your site, you could be using the following effective ways.

Incorporate the Site’s URL to All Your Social Media Accounts

You must make it a point to include a website link in all your social media accounts and profiles. This URL must necessarily point to either the home page or a very important page of the website. Even though this sounds pretty obvious but in numerous cases, people have not bothered to include their site’s URL into their individual social media profiles. Incorporating a link into your social media profiles would be great for SEO purposes and would effectively get more and more traffic to your site.

Use & Acknowledge the Value of Social Media Advertising

The number of social media users and social media pages are going up by the day. This is good news as more people will be viewing your posts. However, it becomes tougher to present your post to your followers. An active user of social media would be following almost one dozen pages and several hundred individuals. However, the timeline could be only demonstrating a limited number of postings.

Facebook has changed their algorithm quite a number of times but they would be presenting your posts only to just a fraction of the people following you. The best way of incorporating your message to followers’ timeline is to effectively use Facebook advertising. If you have an Instagram account, you can also invest in Instagram ads to give your brand a better exposure.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags could be generating an increased exposure to social media posts. You must learn and follow the existing best practices for effectively using hashtags. You must make sure that you are using the hashtags correctly. You can also buy real Instagram likes to drive more traffic to your site.

Get In Touch With Industry Influencers

Devote some time to identify profiles that are regarded as the esteemed social media influencers in your industry. These are generally the accounts that boast of a huge number of followers, as well as, fantastic engagements. You need to request them to promote your brand in their posts so that you can reach the millions of followers they have and bring them to your website.


What is the best way of drawing more and more followers? By reaching out effectively! You will get people’s attention if you make things easier for them so that they could share your content effectively. Moreover, you need to post on a regular basis. Refrain from over promoting your products and respond to the likes and comments by followers. Follow these expert social media marketing tips for boosting traffic to your website.

You have a mind blowing ecommerce website selling products that you know there’s a business opportunity for but in the event that your site isn’t gaining the traffic it deserves, some promotion may be required. Getting people to visit your website is a huge task yet there are a few stages that you can take to convey a boost.

In case you’re prepared to see your traffic grow, we have six methods that you have to begin or take steps to improve.


A blog is an effective method to improve your firm’s SEO, pushing it up those all-important search engine rankings to develop your organic traffic. Preferably, you should be posting fresh, unique blog content a few times each week. It’s a way to give your clients with informative, engaging content that places you in an authoritative position.

Social media

Get people to head to your site by setting up an ecommerce online networking system. It empowers you to develop a relationship with leads before they even visit your site and remain in the minds of your existing customers. Posting a combination of curated, exciting posts and distinct content can have a large influence on your website’s traffic.


Pay-per-click is a compelling method to promote your website to the intended market when they’re making related searches. From Google Ad Words to Bing Ads, you can make a segmented target group to match your ideal client persona, paying an expense when individuals click through to your site. PPC puts you exact at the topmost of Search Engine results page, improving awareness in an instant.

Word of mouth

With so much focus on digital, it can be easy to forget how important the role of word of mouth still is. Excellent ecommerce client care and service, can get your clients discussing about you. Customers still extremely value reviews that they recognize they can trust and recommendations from companions, it’s a priceless marketing tool. Having an accessible, client friendly website, procedures designed to boost client service, and products that live up to expectations all play a role in this area.


In the attempt to endorse your website to new traffic, don’t forget about to catch up with older customers. A newsletter is the ideal method to forge further contact and promote your latest online offering to those that have made a purchase previously. It’s a significant section to focus on and can bring a high return on investment, as you know these people are now interested in your products.

Offline marketing

The dissimilar stands of your marketing campaigns should all match each other. That means your offline actions, for example, magazine publications, booklet supply, and display attendances should direct leads to your website. Ensure your branding is clear, with a solid call to action that will get potential clients heading to your website for more information.

The Author of this article, Arun Mohan is writing articles for  Swap Dial.