Construction industries always involve a certain amount of risks, and if these risk factors aren’t eliminated, the business could suffer. Hence, to eliminate the issues, companies offer insurances in the form of surety bond. So, what a surety bond exactly is? Most people aren’t familiar with the term surety bond. But if you are a business owner in Florida, you must know what a surety bond is and how beneficial it is for the success of a company. Surety bond Florida is, in fact, nothing but legal backups provided to the project owners. These insurances are what that acts as the backbone of construction (or any other) industries.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond essentially involves three parties: the principal (business owner), the surety (the company who offers the surety bond or insurance to the project owners) and theobligee (project owners or government agencies those requires the bond). Here, the surety provider acts as aninsurance provider and ensures the project owners about the fact that they won’t suffer any financial losses if the principal fails to deliver quality work. However, if by chance the obligee gets unsatisfied with the principal, he can claim money from the insurance provider and they will have to pay it on behalf of the principals. Hence, this builds up trust between three parties and the project owners entrust the principals (contractors) with responsible projects.

Types of surety bond Florida

  • Contract surety bonds: Contract bond comprises of performance and payment bonds. These bonds are provided by the principal to the obligee to ensure quality work. Both these bonds are important, as the former ensures the performance of the projects you have undertaken, the latter ensures all the labors, employees, and other parties get paid in time.

  • Commercial bond: The commercial surety bond Florida refers to four bonds: license and permit bonds, court judicial bonds, public official bonds, and miscellaneous bonds. These four kinds of bonds, as their name suggests, are required in different fields of projects.Project owners (mainly the government agencies undertaking large projects)require these bonds to prevent any financial loss that could occur due to the fault of the contractors.


You can purchase surety bond Florida online without encountering any hassle. The online agency offers best surety bonds to the principals. Once you purchase the bond, you would need to provide it to the obligee. Having a surety bond guarantees you with responsible job offers which would have been otherwise assigned to other contractors.

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