It is summer time in India, which means the temperatures are set to rise to all-time highs and all across the board average temperatures are going to be well above 35 degrees Celsius. Such heat is common for the Indian subcontinent, but of late there has been a slight increment in temperatures each of the past 10 years. During this time period, the power consumption of the country increases drastically and is often times as much as double the usage during winter months.

India is a relatively poor country in terms of electricity production and it has a hard time supplying it efficiently to everyone. Rural areas have massive problems when it comes to even receiving electricity. During summer, one can experience a host of power cuts and fluctuations on a daily and sometimes even hourly basis. This can be very damaging to a lot of appliances and devices in homes or in offices.

The most used devices in summer months are fans and air conditioners. The latter being a more expensive and a complicated machine which compresses air to release a cool flow of air. An AC consists of many parts and is very susceptible to damage due to fluctuation and power cuts. Other devices such as microwaves, computer and servers are also prone to damage from erratic voltage flow.

To combat this problem, there is a device called a stabilizer. Since fluctuations can lead to damages in devices which costs the consumer unwanted bills in repairs and maintenance; utilizing a stabilizer can be very cost effective. They are widely available and one can buy stabilizer in any electrical shop or online. This device works on the principle of a transformer, where the primary windings are connected to the input current and the secondary ones give output. In case of a rise in voltage the secondary windings reduce its number of turns to give a balance voltage, and vice versa in case of a drop in voltage. This is all possible via electromagnetic relays in the device, which changes the number of turns on the secondary winding.

Installation of a stabilizer can save a huge amount of money for small offices and businesses which utilizes a host of ACs and computers. In summer months, especially in countries like India, server rooms often overheat and require cooling via air conditioning; this results in a huge amount of power consumed and thus causing an overload on the power source. Big IT companies often suffer from this problem where they have to turn up their ACs in order to cool servers. Here stabilizers play a big role which helps them save a lot of money.

Stabilizer for home online can be purchased at the click of a button and can be delivered straight to one’s doorstep. Summer has only just begun in India and it is bound to get hotter as time passes, the only sure way to beat it is to relax at home. The comfort of an air conditioner, throwing cool air is blissful and one need not worry about power cuts with the safe installation of a stabilizer.

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