Are you still looking for your first job, but not sure where to start? There is a fantastic career option for you in Australia in the form of child care industry. More and more people are choosing child care over other sectors as a career and for multiple good reasons. Working in child care is not only a rewarding career but also an easy to enter and satisfying job. What’s more, the occupation is highly in demand across Australia. Child care is one of the quickest growing industry in Australia with several jobs and a likelihood of an increase in pay in the coming time. With so many positive aspects of it in front of you, it’s right time that you start your career in this industry. For that, you need to acquire certain qualifications. Take up a child care course in Perth to start your journey on this wonderful career path. Here are some of the most common or frequently asked questions regarding child care service. This post will clear some of those doubts for you.

Is qualification compulsory for working in child care?

In spite of the fact that you can do informal looking after children like a nanny job without actual certification, the Australian government is putting stress on capable and qualified people for child care jobs. The basic national capability required for the dedicated care of youngsters is the Certificate III level capability. The qualifications required for working in a child care centre are different for different states but a Certificate III is a more common desire everywhere. For working in family day care centre, the base qualification level is Certificate III only.

On the off chance that you hold a Diploma level capability in child care, you will be more employable in light of the fact that there are government directions about the proportion of Diploma and Certificate qualified instructors. For instance, half of the teachers in a child care centre that has birth to preschool age kids must hold a Diploma level capability.

Would I be able to get work experience while studying for these courses?

Work experience is dependably a smart thought in any field. It gives you the chance to see if you are a solid match for the activity and encourages you to choose where you might want to practice. In any case, if you need to pick up work expertise in this field, you should have the capacity to show that you are currently working towards your Certificate III level capability at least.

This implies you should have enlisted in a course, began the examination and be making some progress. Work involvement and study can supplement each other and you will find that learning through both work experience and study is an extraordinary blend. Online child care courses are an especially adaptable and moderate approach to pick up your capabilities that won’t meddle with work. Online courses are additionally an extraordinary arrangement on the off chance that you are working and raising a family.

Will I have the capacity to land a job position in child care once I have qualified?

As projected by Department of Employment, child care is one of the fastest growing job sectors in Australia. With this pace, it has become the 4th largest professional industry in terms of employment; even greater than the Restaurant Managers and Elementary School Teachers. More than 25,000 child care workers are required in the coming 2-3 years. This implies that pay in this field is set to enhance and that there has never been a better time to get yourself ready for this career.

What is the occupational growth in this field?

The amazing thing about this work area is that, once you have your necessary qualifications and have acquired some experience, you will have various job openings open to you. You may, in the long run, think about further preparing to end up as a primary instructor or you could even one day start your own child care centre.

How can Child Care Courses Perth help me with my child care career?

Although there are several institutes that are providing child care courses but finding the right one may get tough sometimes. We eliminate this trouble for you by connecting you with some of the largest and best course providers in Perth. If you are just starting out, you may need a Certificate 3 in childcare Perth or diploma level qualifications if you already have some experience. Whatever is your need, we will help you find the most suitable solution for you. Just contact our advisors today and learn more about these courses.

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