Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

It is the 21st century, an era where mobile web browsing is keeping everyone on their toes. The popularity of web browsing has replaced the demand for desktop devices. And now it has started to make wonders of technology that hooks the user forever. Though the world is becoming ambitious and can change its trend anytime, smartphones are never going to say you goodbye.

The responsive websites, the edge of innovations, and no longer considered as an option, rather a necessity to increase the brand image as well as to enhance the productivity of your business. In today’s world, developing a responsive web design is not that costly or luxurious. Instead, it can be afforded by anyone. More than 60% of users are solving their queries with the help of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Despite this blatant trend, many organizations are failing to satisfy their customers and to deliver the user-friendly experience. Thus, the concept of responsive web design is now booming in every nook and corner of the world and has become a standard among various web design platforms as well as web designers alike. Let’s have a look at the benefits of responsive web design!

Page speed increases

The speed of the page is regarded as a vital ranking factor to maintain your image and customers too. Websites which are mobile responsive are mainly faster in loading. However, this process not only contributes to user experience, rather it proves as a useful tool in making your website SEO optimized.

The page speed is what matters the most to the user. One cannot wait for minutes to see your ideas, and if your site is slow, the user may switch towards better options. Thus, Top SEO Company India is now implementing the SEO tactics and making their website more reliable and flexible for the users.

Minimize the bounce rate

Bounce rate is linked with time on the website. Google pays huge attention to the behavior of the user when the situation comes to exit and entry points for a site. Often, Google finds short dwell time, which shows that the contents that are searchers have found on the site is not relevant to their requirements.

This leads to severe consequences and put a negative image on the ranking of Google search engine. Thus, the content should be highly magnificent, so that user will not think to leave the site. Top SEO Company India is developing responsive websites that put only relevant contents and display the points that are user-friendly and reliable as well.

No question of duplicate contents

With the rise in the technology, Google’s algorithms are developed, which directs you to put genuine contents without any duplications. Duplicate contents can seriously affect your rank on the search engine, and if you don’t have any rank, then it’s entirely worthless. Lower ranking can hamper your image and productivity as well. Responsive website of Top SEO Company India deals with content duplication issues and finds the better option for customers.

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