Kokanwadi is the best NA Bungalow polts near Ratnagiri place.NA Bungalow Plots near Ratnagiri are the best from all points of view. These NA Bungalow Plots near Ratnagiri ranges from the different plot sizes. The plot sizes are ranging from 4,036sq.ft to 11,442sq.ft. Every NA Bungalow Plots near Ratnagiri comes with 3 ft height compound, entry gate, water connection, plantation of mango trees and electricity connection for every plot. 

The plots are fully developed and ready to move in. You can choose your own which has different amenities and facilities.  We can also assist you with construction processes and supervision of the same. All such services will be rendered as per projected costing along with design options.

Konkani people are generally peace loving, very simple and warm hearted. They are very helpful and friendly towards tourists. They depend mainly upon fishing and farming for their livelihood, but nowadays tourism is one of the upcoming businesses.

A lot of spices (masalas) are used in the Konkani cuisine, however not all of the cuisine is hot and spicy, The ‘Konkanastha Brahmin’ style of food is quiet bland yet very tasty and non-vegetarianarian too. Here are some vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes one must try in Konkan.

Kokanwadi Enterprise is the development firm of Kokanwadi projects owned by Patwardhan Brothers. Jointly Patwardhan brothers have got rich experience of handling large land development projects, construction projects and real estate projects. Kokanwadi Enterprise has successfully completed Kokanwadi Mango Farm Project comprising over 65 acres land.

As a part of Kokanwadi Agro Tourism you can offer your Bungalow on rent for tourists and earn revenue.

Also you can fulfill your dream of having your own mango farm and enjoy mangoes grown by you and also earn revenue by selling the mangoes.


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