A yogurt cake is always a good dessert after a meal or dinner. It is a very delicious dish.

This dish usually likes people. If you prepare a yogurt cake, be sure that you will succeed. It is a very recurrent dish. It always comes well in celebrations and on special days. Although we recommend the chocolate cake that will also conquer.

Biscuits with various yogurts, sugar, milk, nuts… How delicious is the yogurt cake! Learn to cook it well with our recipes. You’ll see how fluffy you are and how easy it is. If you are desserts take a look at the recipe of the fruit salad, it is delicious is prepared in 1 second.

The biscuit recipe prepared with the measures of the yogurt cup has become a classic of our pastry with online cake shop in Mumbai. With a few ingredients and in less than an hour we can improvise a snack or a delicious and healthy dessert. Follow the instructions that we propose and you will see how you have a spongy and delicate cake, which will enjoy both the little ones and the elderly in the house. If you want to change it a bit, you can make variations on this basic recipe. This cake is great if you add other ingredients, such as some chocolate, pieces of fresh fruit. Surely delicious!

The right choice

The world of pastry and confectionery is a constant choice between things: chocolate or jam, sugar or sweetener? cake or pie? oven or microwave?

Let’s talk, then, of molds. To begin with, they offer us a wide range of options in terms of shapes: there are elongated, round, more or less high, with special designs of Halloween, Christmas and even perfect to prepare the desserts of First Communion with CakenGifts.in. These molds are economical and allow multiple uses, but we must take into account some things when using them:

Grease and flour the molds always before using them: if you do not put fat before pouring the dough when cooking the preparation will stick to the walls and we will have wasted all the work.

Not only occupy space but it is important to take care that it is not exposed to a blow that would lose its original form.

And for the most modern kitchens and chefs, in the market, we have the silicone molds , which have as fundamental advantages, the reverse of what we have just noticed about metal molds. That is to say: it is not necessary to greasy them, we can keep them in any place since they maintain the form, I will burn when touching them since the silicone does not heat up. In addition, we can find them in a thousand and one different colors and shapes. So, you know, make your imagination fly and do not forget to send us a piece of the cake you have prepared!

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