Public official bonds, just like other surety bonds, are offered as insurance to the taxpaying citizens. The bond ensures people about the quality of services they can expect from the officials. If, however, the officials fail to deliver services as promised, common people could ask for money refund to tackle their financial loses. Here, the surety bond provider offers credit in the behalf of these officials and assures people ofbetter services. However, one mustn’t mix up insurance with credit policy. Though the surety provider pays on behalf of the principal, the principal must pay the due amount latter to the surety provider.

What is a public official bond?

Public official bonds involve three parties: The principal, the surety, and the obligee.

  • The principal: The principal is the public official (or officials) who want to purchase the bond. Once purchased, the officials are required to fulfill all the obligations as per the law. This ensures quality works and better performances. Nowadays people don’t trust officials who fail to present an official bond. Hence, the public official bonds are necessary for the principal party.

  • The obligee: The parties such as any government agency, state, country, or the common taxpaying citizens who need the bond are called obligee. The bond ensures the obligee that shall the principal fails to deliver the work; the latter will be entitled to financial claims. This process builds up trust between the parties and makes doing businesses easier.

  • Surety: The surety is the bond provider who pays the obligee on behalf of the principal shall the latter fails to live up to the expectations. However, the principal needs to pay the amount to the surety later.

The surety bond is required by the obligee to make sure that the principal delivers quality work. Shall the contractor fail to deliver works as promised; it’s the surety provider that provides legal backup to the principal for the time being.

Types of public officials bond

Public officials comprise a variety of government posts. Some of such professionals who need the public official bonds include the following:

  • Tax collectors

  • Deputies

  • Township directors

  • Sheriffs

  • Mayors

  • Judges

  • Curt clerks

  • Constables

  • Homeowner association leaders

  • Treasurers


The public official bonds bind three parties legally. While providing legal backup to the principal, it helps the project owners entrust the former with responsible works. To purchase the public official bonds, one must apply online and get the documents printed in no time.

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