Custom essay writing services are the online websites which offer help regarding essay related works. Other services like report preparation, dissertation writing help are also provided by these sites. But many criticisms are being raised against these services. Like every other service, essay writing service will be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the way we utilize them.

Students across the world seek admissions to famous universities in USA, UK etc. They aspire for good careers that they could gain from the education in these universities. However, English speaking and writing skills of most of them are not up to the standard demanded by the universities. Since grading scheme in the universities is very strict, many students get low grades irrespective of having genuine content. Lack of writing skills have remained major reason for this. This problem can be solved by the use of custom essay writing services. Here students gather necessary information and content for their essays and provide it to the essay writer. The essay writer organizes the information into a professional essay. Thus students can obtain good grades. Lot of time wasted for preparing the essays can be avoided. This time can be utilized for other academic activities.

But many students are misusing the custom essay writing services. These students simply assign all their works to the essay service providers. They don’t even care to collect relevant information for their essays. This is like cheating themselves and the university. Therefore services that provide essays without seeking any input from students shouldn’t be utilized.

Thus custom essay writing services should be used in a positive way. Only then it will be proved advantageous for the students.

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