About Commercial photography

Broadly speaking, photography done for money is known as commercial photography. Professional commercial or corporate photographers take attractive pictures of individual products, product-lines, services, companies, etc. so that they can be printed on newspaper advertisements, corporate brochures, press photos, business cards or leaflets to promote their sales. Furthermore, they help hotels, cafes or restaurants plan and design their menus, displays and signs by photographing either a single dish or a list of dishes (that a particular hotel, cafe or restaurant serves) and adding them to their bill-of-fare, other commercial uses, where their pictures will enhance the written or printed matter. This is known as Food Photography and is a specialized form of commercial photography. Fashion Photography, Glamour Photography, Portrait Photography, Wedding photography, etc are some other specialized forms of commercial photography. Therefore, commercial photography has a vast scope and one must have an extensive knowledge of photography to be a successful commercial photographer. Today, there are several schools, colleges and websites offering courses in Advertising photography.

Difference between Commercial photography and Advertising photography

Advertising photography, a sub-category of commercial photography, involves photographic styles like glamour, fashion, still-life, etc. The prime purpose of this style of photography is to increase the appeal of products, services, company, etc. by capturing the attention of the viewer first, supplying him with the necessary information and finally converting him into a customer. Advertising photography is chiefly used in newspapers, magazines, over television, on billboards, YouTube channels, online advertisements, etc. Often, they make use of celebrities to endorse their products.

What is Cinematography?

Simply put, Cinematography is photography and camerawork used in movie-making. And the person who is responsible for the cinematography of a film is known as the Cinematographer of that movie. The word ‘cinematography’ is derived from two Greek words (kinema), meaning ‘movement’ and (graphein) meaning ‘to keep a record’, altogether meaning ‘to keep a record of movement’. However, a few experts feel that the word ‘cinematography’ or its shortened form ‘cinema’ comes from the French word ‘cínématographie’.

Difference between Advertising photography and Cinematography

Whereas Advertising Photography uses photographs and images to get their message across to audiences, cinematography means the usage of photography and camerawork in motion-pictures or in the movie industry. Delhi Film Institute Course offers in cinematography.

Movie making and Cinematography

In the motion-pictures industry, a cinematographer is answerable for the technicalities of movies like lens choices, composition, lighting, exposure, film selection, filtration,  etc. On a set, cinematographers are in charge of the grip, camera, and lighting crew and are therefore often called as DOP  (Directors of photography). However, in the United Kingdom, if the DOP handles the camerawork of him/herself, then they are referred to as the cinematographers. For film production companies with a low budget, it is commonplace to find one person single-handedly, managing all the above-mentioned functions.

In a nutshell, this is not a type of photography at all, photography is an important ingredient of a creative process that a cinematographer uses besides employing other image-manipulating and interpretive tactics to deliver an original work of art.

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