A therapeutic procedure in which the person scalp is completely applied with high-value medicinal herbs paste. This enables the medicine to penetrate into the brain cells to activate them. The healing properties of herbs also calm down the nervous system and rejuvenate the person. Corrects imbalance of pitta dosha, relaxes and calms down the mind, has a soothing effect on the body, improves quality of sleep, improves lustre and smoothness of hair, improves memory.



  • Facial Paralysis.
  • Scalp dermatitis.
  • Eye disorders.
  • Depression & Stress related conditions.
  • A molecules of the topical preparations can penetrate the skin by three routes through
  • Intact stratum
  • Sweat glands.
  • Sebaceous follicles.

How it works:


  • The surface of the stratum corneum presents more than 99 % of the total skin surface available for percutaneous drug absorption.
  • The major steps involved in percutaneous absorption include the establishment of a concentration gradient which provides the driving force for drug movement across the skin, release of drug from the vehicle and drug diffusion across the layers of the skin.
  • Preferable characteristics of topical drugs include low molecular mass (600da) adequate solubility in oil & water and a high partition co-efficient.


The Panchkarma Kerala ayurvedic c entre provides effective Kerala massage for detoxification and holds great regard as one of the best Panchkarma treatments in India. Kerala massage is a great way to release the stress from your body. In Panchkarma therapy, our experts suggest some modification in diet and life style after main purification course.

Panchkarma treatment cost at Parijatak is much affordable and has been appreciated by many patients. Some Ayurvedic medicines are also recommended to be taken for different ailments for a certain duration. With much care, we at Parijatak aim to provide the best Panchkarma treatment in India.

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