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So it was just the other day that my fishnet stockings ripped, yet again. I was going through some online websites to buy a new one, when I came across this mind blowing site, Kerry Parker.

This brand has completely changed my perspective about fashion. Although I was planning only on buying fishnet stockings, everything was just so pretty and voguish that I ended up buying a lot more stuff cause, obviously, I couldn’t resist

Here’s a quick review of everything that I bought:


The first one, of course, was an embellished fishnet. Now, this is nothing like any of your ordinary black fishnet. Two words – BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.  It’s got these elegant floral embellishments which add such a groovy and quirky touch to it. The use of colours is absolutely brilliant. This is next wave of sensuality and you certainly need a great sense of fashion to don them. One needs to be really comfortable in their skin to sport this fabulous piece. The quality is great –  stretchy and flexible.

These floral embellished fishnets can have such versatile usage. They can be comfortably paired up with LBDs, shorts or even with skater dresses for that matter. So the hustle and fuss about finding the right outfit to go with tights can be conveniently forgotten.


This is honestly, my favourite out of the entire bunch. It’s the coolest tie that I ever came across. The person who comes up with stuff for this brand is genius! A piece of comic on a tie? Seriously, Wow! Although I was a little sceptical initially, I just could not help but fall in love with it. Who ever knew that a regular and boring tie, mostly formal looking, can be given such a sensational makeover. It’s pop, it’s glam, it’s fun, it’s just perfect. I personally loved it.

For styling options with this tie, sky is the limit.



Because shopping isn’t complete without a choker. I love everything about this. The pattern, the feel, everything! Also, there something another very interesting fact that immediately caught my attention about this choker. The fact that it’s made from vegan leather. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s cruelty-free leather which looks and feels exactly like leather, but does not involve any abuse or brutality towards animals in the process of its synthesis. For a brand that endorses itself as a socially responsible one, well, I think they did a great job in this case.  If you wish to go for something with a touch of feminine, you can check out their exquisite range of floral chokers.

These chokers can be paired up with literally anything. It would perfectly blend with any of your outfits.


When was the last time you wore socks with heels? You’re probably like, socks with heels? Ew! Trust me, after looking at these tulle socks you will have second thoughts for sure.

Yet another masterpiece from Kerry Parker. These tulle socks are just what you were looking for to go with your heels. It’s wearable, chic and adds a wonderful glittery essence to your outfit to you look like a star.

The material feels so soft and comfortable. It’s very convenient for party wear etc.


I saved the best one for the last. Okay, take a moment to soak this is in. A “two-tone-reversible fur-wrap”. Well, I have to say, it certainly is luxurious. I felt rich wearing it. If style is what depicts you, then this fur wrap is your perfect partner. The fact that it’s two tone just adds a cherry on top of the cake. Getting a Victorian look fur wrap for that price, I would say that it’s totally worth it. The magnificent look and feel that it gives has driven me to ecstasy. This is something every woman wants and needs.

Call me crazy, but limiting the styling options for this fur wrap to something in particular, I think is insane. I’d wear it with everything and anything (obviously, only in the winter season :p ) cause it’s so splendid, sumptuous and majestic.

Over all, I’d say that I’ve had the most wonderful experience shopping from Kerry Parker. I give every single product that I bought, from this website, a huge thumbs up. It’s definitely worth a shot and I would totally recommend it.


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