A common question in the minds of many people is why OEM optical transreceivers are usually more expensive as compared to the compatibles. There are also questions on whether the third party compatibles are safe to be used within the name brand hardware in order to do some cost savings. All these can be quite interesting questions and this is why we have chosen to address them.

What are the sources of the third party receivers?

When it comes to the market of the optical receivers, the brand name OEMs such as Juniper, HP and Cisco are not really the manufacturers of anything. The fact of the matter is that OEMs consist of optical transceivers that are usually build for them by the Original Design Manufacturers (ODM). The reason for this is that the number of fibre optic technology builders is usually low in the world. This also means that no matter the third party or OEM supply, most of the optical transceivers worldwide is usually manufactured in the same factory and are also built using the same MSA standards that are internationally agreed.

How safe are the third party compatible transceivers?

Like you already know, there is a huge discrepancy in price between the third-party vendors and the OEM Optics. This may cause you to believe that the lower price of the third party optics is a reflection of the poor quality of the third party compatibles. When you buy the transceivers from the reputable sources, you do not have to fear that they will cause harms. All you need to do is to ensure that you are only dealing with the reputable vendors of OEM optics and the best Japanese rifle scopes.

On top of the common sourcing and standardization the products from reputable dealers are usually tested for the carrier-grade quality in regard to their performance and compatibility on the key platforms and other OEM equipment that they have been intended for. The regimen for testing is usually determined with the customers and these can vary from each item to the agreed proportions.

What is the cause of the discrepancy between OEM optical transceivers and the third party compatibles?

In most cases, the smaller but more flexible businesses have fewer overheads that are passed to the customers. In other words, it means that customers are able to get the same reliability and quality at a minimized price.  Japan optics can help build your preferred rifle scope and within your budget.

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