Looking for a career that combines your artistic nature and a

desire to work in the beauty industry?  If this sounds like you

 why not consider Microblading? With cutting-edge techniques 

and widespread praise throughout the beauty industry, microblading 

is fast becoming one of the most sought out beauty professions.  

Not only is microblading cutting edge it can also be a very lucrative 

profession. Here at Microblading Academy, we offer you the very 

premium in Microblading Academy.

With our microblading training certification classes, you can 
become a certified technician under the very top trainers the world.  
Our Academy is staffed by some of the best trainers in the world. 
Our trainers will teach you how to use Irena Chan’s cutting-edge 
techniques that are widely considered the very best in the world.  
Our microblading courses are like no other training you can get 
anywhere. For anyone in the beauty industry, this is a great  
opportunity for you to take your career to the next level.

Why our Microblading Academy?



  • Teaches you the most cutting-edge techniques.



You will not just learn how to start a microblading career but you will 
learn the very best techniques.  Our cutting-edge training will equip you 
to become one of the most sought after eyebrow professionals in the 
business.  We teach you the Dual Blade Method which was developed 
by renowned microblade pioneer, Irina Chen.



  • You help women achieve confidence.



Our microblading courses at our Microblading Academy not only 
teach the most advanced techniques but also give you the tools to 
help women feel better about themselves.  Many women feel insecure 
about their eyebrows for differing reasons. However, you will learn
how to make them look fantastic.  This can be invaluable for many 
women. What can be more rewarding than learning a skill
 that gives women boost their confidence and self-esteem?



  • Let’s you use your creative talent in the beauty industry.



You consider yourself artistically creative.  You love the beauty 
industry. This makes you a perfect candidate to start a microblading 
career.  Don’t let your talent go to waste. At our Microblading Academy, 
we can take these attributes and use them to help you jump start a 
fulfilling career.



  • You learn a very lucrative trade.



One of the biggest motivators in becoming a microblade expert is 
the monetary potential.  This is a burgeoning field that is growing 
at fast pace. Microblading is highly sought after and people are 
willing to pay a premium price for a premium service.  At Microblading 
Academy we give you the tools to build a very financially successful



  • We are the gold standard in microblading courses.



There are other Microblading Academy out there but our courses 
are the best in the industry.  Our techniques and our trainers are 
second to none. When you choose our Academy you are choosing 
the very best in microblading training.  With Irena Chen’s techniques 
and are highly effective training, our program is on the cutting edge 
of the beauty industry. We are the gold standard of microblading.


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