When there’s a marriage in the family, all you can think of is all the merry moments to come by. But it invites a lot of work too. A lot of management to do to undo all the chaos in the process of the work.

So, it was just last month, that my elder sister got married, it took place in Bangalore. It’s now that me and my sister moved out of Bangalore for reasons related to work, but we had born and brought up in Bangalore itself. Hence, the wedding had to be held in Bangalore.

Of course, the work is always immense for both the families, be it of the family of the bride or for the family of the groom. But somehow (“according to the Indian customs”) the bride’s family is supposed to live up to all the expectations of the groom’s family and everybody else’s too.

Continuing with the above faith in our traditional customs, me and my family started with all the preparations for the marriage, the moment everything was fixed; as in the date and everything, the first concern for us was to get sorted with the venue. That was the task to be done as soon as possible, above everything. So, we started with hunt. My father’s first choice was to have the wedding in an open ground with all the massive decorations, after all it was his first daughter’s wedding. But I was slightly sceptical with this idea of his. The main reason being, climate and comfort. It pours literally everyday in Bangalore, exactly around 4pm or 5pm. I did not want my father’s elaborated decorative ideas to go futile. The other in which everything, all sorts of decorations and all sorts of comforts could be availed, that was, if we have the wedding in a banquet hall. I am really glad that there are a lot of banquet halls in Bangalore to choose from.

We narrowed down almost 5 banquet halls suiting according to the area available for the number of guests being invited, the locations of the banquet hall, the quality and the variety of the food items that will be served and the most important, the ambience and the decor of the banquet.

We finalised with the one which was apparently also a sports club in Bangalore. It was beautiful. Everything and every amenity provided by them were perfect. They had beautiful rooms for the guests too. Overall, I and my family were extremely happy with the choice of our banquet hall, which was really necessary as the elder daughter of the family was supposed to bid us goodbye in most merry and joyous way possible.

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