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Asthma is a condition that causes episodes of decreased air flow in the lungs from inflammation or constriction of the air passages, which is not constant, but comes and goes. Asthma can cause a range of symptoms from very mild to very serious including:

  • Coughing, especially at night, with exercise, or when laughing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Wheezing

Dr. Sniffles allergy & asthma care of New York, specializes in the recognizing an asthma symptoms. Our Asthma specialist NYC  offer highly specialized services from asthma treatments to immunotherapy. Treatment will vary depending on the severity of your asthma. Generally, treating asthma requires you to avoid the sources that provoke your asthma. There are two general types of medications prescribed to treat asthma: quick relief medications and controller medications. Quick relief medications are used to relieve the symptoms of an asthma attack and controller medications are generally used for long-term asthma control to treat the underlying inflammation of the lungs. Your allergist explain what is needed during your visit.

Our Treatment will be like : We will ask you questions about your symptoms and the possible causes of those symptoms. If you keep a journal of your symptoms, please bring it along with you. We will ask you about your family history, any medicines you may be taking and talk you about your job, home and a bit about your lifestyle. These questions may include:

  • Any current physical problems
  • Previous medical conditions
  • History of allergies or eczema increases your chance of asthma
  • Exposure to environmental factors that can worsen asthma

Recognition of the signs or symptoms of asthma is considered one of the most important factors in asthma management. Dr. Shapiro always give advice that, knowing when early warning signs or symptoms that appear very helpful, so that appropriate therapy can be started and other interventions can also be started early with New Asthma Treatments. Rather than waiting until an attack has begun, or in a state of evolution that it is impossible to stop. Allergic asthma is typically caused by airborne and seasonal allergies. Avoid smoke in order to avoid asthma. Smoke is really a major cause asthma attacks. Dr. Shapiro – Asthma Doctor NYC commits to provide best of the best allergy & asthma practices across NY to his patients.

Dr. Shapiro is reputed and highly recommended doctor across New York. We may also order X-rays of your lungs and sinuses. This comprehensive exam allows us to review your health and your current physical condition. So don’t waste time and immediately meet Doctor Shapiro to cure your Asthma.

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Dr Sniffles is best allergist and hive, ENT, asthma, food and Sinus Infection treatment specialists in New York.

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