Lucknow, the City of the Nawabs is a popular tourist destination known for its fascinating history, culture and food. Blessed with an astonishing geographical landscape and architectural wonders, the city is also known as a centre of art, music and culture. The heart-warming hospitality and amazing people would fill your hearts with delight. So, if you are looking for hotels in Lucknow for your stay, don’t miss the chance to relish and admire its culture. Speaking of its rich culture, the gorgeous Chikan embroidered kurtas of Lucknow is worth buying. Here’s your guide to hit the best places to find the most graceful Chikan work clothing.

1. Kapoorthala

Though you can find Chikankari work kurtas and accessories at numerous shops and retail stores across Lucknow, there are few special markets that can serve you with the most fascinating collections without making a dent to your budget. Kapoorthala, although isn’t the hub for such chikan dealers, one can find a number of stores selling some of the most unconventional and unique Chikankari. One can find a vibrant range of colours, fabric choices and abstract embroidery patterns in clothes here.

2. Chowk

For the shopaholics who are particular about their shopping choices and want authentic fine embroidery clothing, head u straight to the Chowk market. Situated in the old city area and exhibiting the charm of historical times, this is the wholesale market for Chikankari and is your stop for some of the finest artisans of this intricate art. One can get custom designed fabrics and the finest works at a great price.

3. Janpath

One of the trendiest shopping destinations of Lucknow, Janpath is a shopper’s paradise. With its humongous number of fabric and clothing showrooms, Janpath serves as the perfect destination to visit for clothes shopping for men, women and kids. From short kurtis to lehengas and extravagant saris for women and exotic collections for men and kids, it is an affordable market with a fabulous collection.


An organisation that promotes women employment brings the fascinating hand stitched of women artisans. You can buy the some of the most splendid Chikankari fabrics while contributing to a good cause.

Tips to buy authentic Chikankari

• There are too many shops selling Chikankari fabrics, but not all are authentic. While the machine-worked fabrics would be neat and uniform, manually embroidered clothing would have some asymmetry and loose threads

• Traditionally, chikan work is done with a white thread on light coloured cloth, but with an increasing demand for contemporary touch, you might find options in silk, and jute cotton too.

• Chikankari embroidery is a tedious art, hence it is a little expensive, though the price is driven by the intricacies of the work and quality of the fabric. While you might find cheaper options in the market, watch out for the non-authentic ones.

Shopping in these markets can be a lot of fun but can be exhausting. Explore the wonders of Lucknow and enjoy your time strolling through these markets. Check out the hotels in Lucknow near railway station to enjoy a peaceful stay and to prepare yourself for more the next day.


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