I really don’t remember when I travelled with my family last. After I turned 25, I have been travelling within India or outside India only with my friends, or for work. Things were really fine when one fine day; I was simply sitting in my living room, randomly having a peek into my childhood memories through an old photo album. It was the photo album of the trip that we took as a whole family together, to Nainital. This family trip happened a decade ago. I could see all the happy and joyous faces of my father, my mother and mine. There was one particular picture that I always adored the most. It was right in front if the Nainital Lake. I kept looking at it for several moments. Such good times were spent together. I was literally taken to a trip of Nostalgia.

I just realised that I should be spending more time with my parents, and should definitely plan a trip with them, very soon. Nainital seemed to be the best destination to catch up with the time and memories I left behind with my family. I immediately discussed this with my parents and they were more than happy to make this family trip happen. I booked the train tickets to Kathgodham immediately, as well as a car that would take us from Kathgodham to Nainital. Luckily it was the month of March, which is apparently the best time to visit Nainital. As the season was on, looking up for an accommodation in Nainital was an easy task, with all the discounted rates of course.

Mall road in Nainital is one of the most popular places for a tourist. We really wanted stay right near it, so that to reach the market, other touristic spots and transportation becomes easy for us.

Of all the hotels in Nainital Mall Road, I was extremely happy to have found the hotel in which we stayed, the last time we came. On checking its reviews online, it made me really happy as it had really good reviews. Plus, the pictures of the hotel really showed that they have grown with time. I did not think twice before booking the hotel.

The 4-day trip to Nainital not only brought me nearer to my parents but also made me realise what all I was missing or rather not giving enough importance to. We spent hours boating at the Nainital lake, did a hell lot of shopping from the shops at Mall road, tried each and every cafe for different flavours of food, visited all the other touristic spots and clicked an enormous amount of pictures, waiting to be put to a new photo album.

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