We all have some ideal in our life. For me, he is the weird man from the Hollywood movie called Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, you guessed it right; he is Captain Jack Sparrow. He has his own style of thinking and handling situations which has inspired many and I am one of them. You want or not but you can fall in love with his swag if you have witnessed any of the Pirates of Caribbean movie from its series. He is my motivational speaker for sure. He has given me lessons as a leadership consultant. I am sharing some of his important lessons of life, here:


Know when to make friends but do not trust them:

Jack has mostly relied on Gibbs but he has managed to make a deal of friendship with Barbosa, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan. He knows very well to make friends but when it is important. The only thing matter here is he does not trust them at all. All ‘he’ trusts in the entire world is ‘he’ only (The same pronoun).


Always in the search for Pearl:

Jack loves his ship, the Black Pearl, everyone knows that. He knows his goal very well in life and tries everything to get his goal back to him. He uses his contacts, allies and his own tactics to get that pearl. He fights with everyone who stands in between his way to have the ship pearl. Of course, how could I forget to mention when it comes to shipping as the Captain Jack Sparrow says, “Captain goes down with the Ship”.


Keep yourself confined:

He knows what to say and what to not. He uses his words perfectly in front of its competitors. He always has a plan but you would not guess it until he does in style. He knows his limitation and merits. He backs his merits and avoids its demerits to block his way. He pretends that he does not want it but actually, he is dying to make it for himself. That is what you call fake it until you make it!


Follow no rules:

You are born free; no one has the right to stop you. As you may have heard “Rules are made to be broken sometime”. The same applies to the hero Jack Sparrow that he follows no rules. He breaks rules that are necessary and do not hurt anyone by life. He avoids wars but fights when he is compelled to do so.


Love, what you are!

Being a pirate does not bother him at all. He knows what he is! He carries his name with pride. He says with confidence that it is pirate life and I am pirate. He loves his black banners with a skeleton on flying high on his black pearl. He does what he knows the best to attain happiness for his own and his crew members.


He is a pirate no doubt but he teaches us more than any other teacher in this world. Everyone look Jack in his own way. I like him for the above reasons. What’s yours?

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