Infertility has largely been termed as a “Black spot” in the lives of humans, especially women. It might be regarded as a medical issue over the years, but hardly anybody has ever focused towards its core reasons which are mostly related to the Stressed and unhealthy daily routines of millions of people. People, especially women are now more aspired towards their careers than have ever been. Working for long hours in the office, lack of sleep, taking care of their families alongside doing housework has totally taken their whole body and its mechanism for a toss. Not just women but men are also going through the same life cycle. Everyone is more concern about securing their future rather than taking care of their health and body.

Global Infertility crisis

People might not be fully aware about the same, but there is a global infertility crisis going on, especially among women who are aged between 35 to 55 years. According to a Global organization called Family Planning International; about 10 percent of all couples worldwide are currently going through this issue. Adding on to that, a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control states that 6.1 million women in USA between the ages 15 and 44 are having issues while conceiving; 2.1 million married couples experienced infertility, and more 9.2 million women have used the infertility services.

These days, first babies are supposed to be born after the women crosses 25 years. If we talk about the Global Infertility crisis, Almost 15 5 of Women in India are facing the Infertility issue at this point.On the other hand, The total fertility rate in Taiwan was 1.3 children per woman in the year  2007, in comparison to the same data in 1957 which was 6 . The same rate has also seen a dip in context of Germany where a recent study shows that a growing number of Germans are intentionally forgoing parenthood.


More and more women are now a part of the Social and economic structure of the country across the globe and this has further pushed down their choice of getting married to late thirties and conceiving thereafter. While we should appreciate the growth of womanhood apart from the vicinity of their homes, the same has put a threat on their overall health. Doctors confirm the fact that chances of infertility rises after the thirties and more damage gets done by the unhealthy lifestyles and routines of the couple, Man or women infertility treatment.

Precautions in order to minimize the Risk

  • De crease or stop the usage of tobacco (cigarettes) and marijuana. They play a critical role in reducing sperm counts.
  • Stay away from harmful chemicals.
  • Limit your Alcohol consumption. It may harm or damage the eggs or sperm.
  • Limit sex partners and use condoms to avoid getting exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Undiagnosed STIs can harm the reproductive system big time and cause infertility.
  • Always keep a check on your BMI (Body mass Index) as it will minimize the probability of hormone imbalances. This is very crictical for men as well as for women.
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