Are you starting to notice some drop in your regular traffic recently? If your answer is “yes” then you have to implement some extra work on your website design to make it mobile-friendly. According to a report, major search engines like Google, Being and Yahoo have announced that, they are changing their search engine algorithm to boost the rankings of mobile friendly websites to take their SERP to the next level. As per their survey report, there are more mobile searchers that desktop in the web world and they are going to make their search engine easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Here in this article, I’ll tell you about the possibilities of a mobile-friendly website to take advantages of SEO and to stay ahead in the world wide market on web. Here we go.

Responsive Website


There are many changes you can see if you are opening your website in your mobile devices. It’ll get more responsive for your visitors to make their struggle easy to find the appropriate part of their needs. The multiple columns of your website will become into one column to select their desirable option. Your website and images can be reposed or changed according to simplification of appearance and the navigation menu can be condensed according to devices space and view.

Mobile Friendly Data

All of your website content images and looks will be same for your visitors. It just come-up with a modified visual which looks better in a tiny screen. So, make your design simple to make it more comfortable for your visitors and also for SEO. A simple design can crawled better and regular by Google crawler and you can get sure about quick indexing for your web pages.

Mobile Optimized Site

This option is a separated version of desktop website. For the latest trend of 2018, you have to implement this option to your website to get it well-optimized. There are 70% of views are now comes from visitor’s mobile device, because it is easier to touch your smart phones rather than a desktop computer or laptop. There are many trusted SEO services companies you can find who works only to optimize your website for mobile version. It is a tough job to do but once it starts to get ranked then you can see vast increase in your traffic.

Cost Effectiveness

Finally, when it comes in the matter to invest your money to create a business website, the responsive website cost higher than a mobile friendly and mobile optimized website and you can save a lot of money in the long run. But you need to have sufficient knowledge about how to make the website mobile friendly. Just need to make your website lighter and simple to avoid bad page loading time in mobile devices. It can be causes rejection from your visitor’s end.

Apart from all SEO advantages, there are many benefits you can have by making your website mobile-friendly. So, sail with the latest digital marketing trends and remember those points in your mind while you are about to create your Business website.

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