Attending a classic concert Los Angeles is a distinctive and very unique experience. Classical concerts have a more formal environment than rock, pop or jazz concerts. We have some hot rules that will help you attend classical concerts in style and feel like a veteran.

Drinking, eating and smoking

Most classical concerts forbid any form of eating, drinking and smoking. Be careful not to do this in the concert venues.

Dress code

When attending classical concerts, it is advisable to dress in elegant attire. This will make you feel more comfortable as you will be dressed in a respectful manner. People interpret elegant in different ways but the strict rule in classical concerts is to avoid casual clothing such as shorts, jeans, T-shirts or clothing with tears, rips or holes in them.

Women should wear a nice dress while men should wear a nice suit with an elegant combination of the shirt, blazer and trousers. Generally, when attending a choir concert in a big city you should dress more formally than in a smaller city.

Protocol for entering the concert hall

When attending a classical concert, it is recommended that you arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time. This will give you enough time to take a program and find your sit. You might also engage with your companions or other people sitting next to you within the 10 minutes. The discussion should be halted as soon as the lights turn dim.

No yelling, talking or singing

During a classic concert Los Angeles performance, it is forbidden to sing, hum, talk or yell. You might share a discreet whisper with your partner if it is absolutely necessary. During the whole performance, you are supposed to keep quiet and draw your attention towards the performance. Some outdoor concerts allow singing as they have a more relaxed mood.

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