One of the highest rated customer support channels is the chat support channel. It has acquired some great feedback from users and customers alike. According to various reports from industry experts, the response that the chat channel receives is more than 80 percent. Also, it is easier to outsource a business’s chat support requirement since being a non-voice engagement channel it removes any accent challenges. In addition, there are reliable translation tools available in the market that can even remove the need for English-speaking agents entirely.

But the recent popularization of the live chat channel also triggers substantial challenges such as an increase in chat volumes, longer waiting time and the need for the agents to handle multiple chat conversations at once. Also one should bear in mind that chat is often an integral part of any effective multi-channel or Omni channel support strategy which requires close integration with the other channels of engagement.

Therefore, in order to mitigate these challenges, the support staff needs to put every effort and work diligently towards reimagining alternative utilities of the chat channel. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the management to rethink the role they want the chat channel to play in qualitatively increasing the customer experience. And devise new ways to optimize its contribution to value chain.

The following is a few pointers on how companies can make the most of their outsourced chat support.

Customer experience

What do customers expect while engaging in a chat? Well, the answer to this elusive question is that customers anticipate a consistency in experience, seamless and smooth interaction, and proactive distribution of relevant information.

Companies need to take a holistic view of the customer journey and utilize chat to coherently facilitate the entire process.

The objective of using a chat support should be simple i.e., to reduce effort at all stages of the customer journey. One needs to ensure that the chat channel is integrated to every possible customer engagement channel so as to extract maximum productivity.

Build cooperation between chat service and sales

Chat is a proven and effective support channel to increase lifetime customer value. There is a huge disaccord and disparity between the chat and the voice channel in terms of customer satisfaction. Companies definitely need to bridge this gap.

From the real-life experiences of the industry experts, a high level of chat service satisfaction directly translates into an increase in online purchases. With the right attitude, chats can instigate customers to put more purchases onto their baskets. In addition, there is a significant increase in the up-sell rate through chats.

Businesses need to empower their agents with the sales and service history of each of the customer they are assisting. This helps them in up-selling and cross-selling to the particular customer.

Actively assemble a knowledge base

One cannot deny the importance of digital support channels such as chat in effectively gathering information. The best way to leverage this advantage is to maintain and grow an all-inclusive knowledge base. This knowledge base can be then accessed by the support services for further references.

What businesses need is a simple, non-complicated way to make the information available to others. And building a dynamic knowledge base is the answer to this need.

One should put special emphasis to keep the chat knowledge base up-to-date and keep the resource relevant to real-life scenarios. This allows agents to refer to the database while handling certain interactions so that they can have the right knowledge while addressing customer concerns.

Merge chat with marketing

The benefits of consolidating of a business’s chat support are often overlooked by many enterprises. But there are many direct advantages of this integration. For instance, if an agent has access to customer’s marketing history, when they engage with a customer, they can quickly turn a support conversation into a targeted marketing effort. Companies should take initiative in training the support team on such possible marketing scenarios.

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