HP Printer and Mac computers Via USB technology

Establish a Connection between HP Printer and Mac computers Via USB and Wireless technology.HP Tech Support Phone Numbers all technical issue solution in your HP Printer, Computer Laptop drivers support and troubleshooting solve problem HP.HP Support Help 24*7 Technician provide you all technical issues Solution.

1. Establish the connection between Mac system and Hp printer via USB.
Set up your HP printer to establish USB connection with a Mac computer. To get the most supported attribute from a connected printer, install the full feature HP driver.

1.visit official website 123.hp.com, enter your printer model, and so click Begin. looking for your printer and operating system version, the guided driver installation app HP easy start downloads, otherwise you are redirected to the HP software and Driver Downloads page to install the complete feature driver.
• If HP easy start downloads, follow the on-screen instructions to setup and install your printer. you do not get to complete the remaining steps in this section if the installation is successful.

• If easy start fails or your printer isn’t listed, continue with these second steps to install a driver from the HP website.

2. visit HP customer Support – software and Driver Downloads, enter your printer model if prompted, and so make sure the software version is correct.
3. under Driver-Product Installation software, click download next to HP easy begin or the complete feature driver, depending on the choice that displays, and then open the HP easy start file or the HP .dmg file in the Downloads folder or browser bar to start the installation.
4. If you’re incited for a printer connection type, select USB.
5. On the Install screen, confirm HP Scan or HP easy Scan is selected if your printer has a scanner to enable full scan functionality.
6. If you’re prompted to add the printer to the printer queue, click the name of your printer, click the use or Print using menu, choose the name of your printer within the pop-up menu, and so click Add.
7. return to the HP installer to finish the installation.
8. attempt to print, scan, or fax, depending on your printer functionality.

2. Establish the connection between Mac system and Hp printer via Wi-Fi (Wireless Technology)
Install the best available HP print driver and software on your Mac using Apple Software Update. Before installing the software, turn on the printer and make sure it is connected to the computer you want to print or scan from, through your local Wi-Fi or wired network.
1. Power on your wireless printer and complete the initial setup instructions to connect your printer to the network. Wireless printers have screens that allow you to select a wireless network and enter a password for the network, if applicable.
2. Click the Apple menu and then select “Software Update…” This step checks to make sure there aren’t any newer versions of your printer drivers and software.

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