HP is one of the leading and pioneers in offering high-end quality printing solutions. This American multinational company has always provided the best-in-class devices to the customers such as desktops, laptops, and printers. Since the company continuously renovate their printing products, its reputation in the printing industry is unbelievable.

HP offers printers to perform basic to complex printing tasks easily. Each model of the company’s printer has specific features and functionalities to do certain tasks. Some of the printers are perfect for both office and home use. The printer will throw problems if it is not installed or set up properly.

Even though installing HP Printer is not a rocket science, you have to do the installation steps properly to avoid hassles. In this article, you will get to know the instructions to install and configure HP printer on your device. Are you looking for the straightforward approach of installing specific HP printer? Then, you can call HP Phone Number to avail support service.

How to Prepare for HP Printer Installation and Configuration

Before preparing to install and configure HP printer, you have to unpack your printer in which you will get two different installation discs. One is for installing the printer on Mac while another one is for Windows device. Therefore, choose the right one according to your computing device.

Remember that if you do have any kinds of installation disc along with the printer, then do not worry because you can easily download the latest software from official HP site for your printer. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to install and configure HP printer on your computer.

  • First, plug the printer into a power outlet using the power cord and then switch on your HP printer
  • Now, choose your language -> press Yes button and then confirm your country and region -> press Yes
  • Next, set the date and tap on the continue button to proceed further
  • Sometimes, it may ask how you want to configure your printer whether it is self-manage or IT management. If you install the printer on your home or small business, then choose self-manage option and press continue. Or else, go with IT-manage for running a large scale business
  • Open the ink cartridge access insert and door carefully. Check the cartridge comes with the printer appropriately and close the access door.
  • Then, the printer will check the cartridge and then prompt you for the paper. Clean the printer tray and load the paper properly. Adjust the tray correctly and close it
  • Press ok and continue to start your printer installation process

Now, your HP printer will let you visit the HP official site to download and setup the printer drivers.

How to Install and Configure HP printers

Once you have downloaded the printer drivers, follow the below-mentioned installation and configuration steps. If it is possible, then connect your device with the printer using USB cable or else leave it.

  • Open a browser on your device and go to HP setup page
  • Download the printer software and run the software
  • HP easy start utility will assist you to connect your HP printer with wireless and allow you to register your product
  • Click on agree to terms and conditions and then click continue. Check to enable HP auto wireless connect and press continue
  • Now, the installer will connect and then configure your HP printer using the same network in which your device is connected
  • Press continue and download the latest printer driver and install it
  • Follow the on-screen installation steps and then set up your printer

Are you confronting any issue while configuring the printer? Then, contact HP Customer Service to avail professional assistance.

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