Lingerie or underwear is things that bale to pump couple your desire to make love. Just like everyday wear, lingerie also must be adjusted to the user’s body shape.

So here are simple tips for choosing the best lingerie that fit with your body, as quoted from eHow:

Pear body shape

Pear body shape has a small chest circumference and bigger hip circumference. This kind of body shape is usually having a small waist as the main attraction.

Two piece sexy lingerie consisting of blouse and pants will move your partner’s attention to your sexy waist.

Apple body shape

Apple body shape usually has a chest size, waist and hips that are almost the same. The main attraction on this body type is the chest.

Baby doll lingerie with sexy chest piece is perfect for this body type.

Ruler body shape

Just like a ruler, this body shape are usually small, thin and tend not grooved. To display the sexiness, lingerie with a corset or bustier could be an option.

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