Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes business processes simpler and easier. Organizations around the world widely use software like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.Net for various operational purposes. Among these, SAP has the most number of users with 253,500 worldwide users. The parent company, SAP AG, is well known for its innovations and inventions in the field of computer science and IT technology. The SAP software itself has a long legacy of 40 years of successfully supporting business across the globe. It makes use of real time computing methods on the R/3 platform. SAP has numerous modules like CRM, ERP, SCM and BI, among others. Each of these has different functions that cater to different business needs.

As more and more companies jump into the SAP bandwagon, the demand for SAP specialists has gone up. In fact, SAP consultancy is one of the most lucrative career options today.

Knowledge of SAP BI, SAP Financials and statistics is a prerequisite for becoming an SAP Analyst. Likewise, if you want to be an SAP expert in production, you will need a certificate in SAP Procurement and an in-depth understanding of operational/manufacturing processes.

SAP is a niche expertise. Not everyone has knowledge of SAP applications. So do not despair if you feel your grasp over the subject is scant. You can join an established consultancy like Accenture or IBM as a trainee and work your way up the SAP ladder. You can also enroll yourself for an SAP certification course depending on what area you wish to specialize in. For example, if you have a degree in Supply Chain Management, you can opt for a course in SAP Supply Chain Management. Also, before you get started, you need to choose the kind of consultancy you want to do. For instance, if your interests lie in engineering business processes, you can enroll for SAP ERP training and become a business consultant.

Once you have completed your course, you will be eligible for jobs that pay anywhere between 25,000 pounds to 35,000 pounds. If the organization you are working for is adopting SAP software, taking a course in SAP Basics would be a good idea. It will enable you to work on the software without any additional on-the-job training.

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