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All the bloggers of Content Marketing Agency Delhi want to believe that their efforts will compel the readers to take action. After all, the power of the words written has changed the society and even compelled the nations to go to war. No doubt, a blog can convince the reader to click the website. Right?

Unfortunately, most of the blogs are written for adding more content. Yes, getting the content on a continuous basis is essential and to make sure that you have inserted the right keywords is crucial. But, it is also critical to remember the purpose of blogging.

This fact is not new, it has been the advertiser’s goal throughout many games. The better news is the similar concepts, methods and even the techniques used by the advertisers and marketers online.

Tuning to WIFM

In life, we all listen to the same station: WIFM. The station might broadcast the different message to every listener but the call letters are same which says ‘What’s in it for me.’

If that all for you? Is this enough? Certainly, not by a long shot. Simply knowing you’ll get the advantage does not make sure you’ll take action. Think of trying to stay on a diet: You know you are going to get the benefit but that by itself doesn’t instill the compliance.

Five principles of influence

If you would really like to influence your reader by your content writing company in Delhi and compel them to take the action, incorporate the principles mentioned below.

The law of reciprocity

We are compelled to return the favors and also treat others the same way they have treated us. It is because we are uncomfortable with the feeling indebted to them. Don’t you believe it?

Well, if a friend gives you a gift for the birthday, don’t you feel compelled to reciprocate on theirs as well?

The law of consistency and commitment

Once any person commits to the course of action, they are more inclined to follow the conclusion. The Article content writing company in Delhi have known this for many years and have capitalized on it by getting the buyer to agree to intermediate and small steps along the way to a purchase.

The law of social proof

We are living in a society where we get overwhelmed with the information and do not have time to research for every buying decision. This is where the referrals work.

Many people trust their friends, and if they recommend a movie, restaurant or product, they are more likely to purchase it.

The law of liking

Most of the people get influenced by someone they like and also relate to. We like people who compliment us.

The law of authority

People are programmed to respect and listen to the ones who have the position of authority. People have learned from an early age to respect those who are in the position of authority.

Why HubDigiTech?

If you want your blogs to look good, you may consider hiring the professional content writing company in Delhi that consist of the experts.

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