Here are 4 designs of restaurant chairs that stood out in 2019


The interior design of a restaurant is the first thing that a customer notices when he/she enters the restaurant. The interior design and furniture of your restaurant have a major influence on customer experience. It defines how the customers perceive your brand and what level of service do they expect. The furniture in the restaurant is something that you think about right when you start designing your restaurant and decide on the theme. Restaurant chairs are the most important furniture accessory, the chairs should offer ultimate comfort to the visitors.

FurnitureRoots provides the best restaurant chair designs that will add a touch of elegance to your restaurant furniture and attract visitors in plenty:

  • Eco-Friendly Design

These days restaurant chairs are keeping up with the eco-friendly theme. From bamboo chairs to soft chocolate hues, the eco-friendly chairs are well-suited to light up the restaurant design.  While choosing such chairs, you can keep the wood in its natural finish to bring in that eco-friendly touch. From bar stools, sofas, to two-seater chairs, you can explore a variety of options in such chairs. Depending on the color theme of your interior, you can choose any color you want for these chairs.

  • Upholstered Chairs

Nowadays, restaurants are designed with an aim to make the space look spacious. The restaurants have to also cater to numerous customers in a day. Upholstered chairs look luxurious in dining restaurants, these chairs fit extremely well with neutral colors. Some of the prominent colors of upholstered chairs are orange, royal blue, yellow, and pink, all these colors stand out well against the white or ivory walls. The upholstered chairs are ideally suited when you want to offer a cozy ambiance to the visitors.

  • Retro Design

Simple and stylish, the retro chairs can be found in, cafes, bars, and fine-dining restaurants. The key advantage that retro chairs offer is that they are easy to maintain. The retro chairs provide a laidback luxurious look, the vintage retro look stands up to your restaurant interior and never goes out of style. The retro chairs have plush padding which provides increased comfort.

  • Storage Chairs

There are times when people enter the restaurant and are not able to find a place to keep their bags. It is inconvenient for them to keep the bag on the floor as it would be unclean. They cannot keep the bag between themselves as they will not be able to sit comfortably nor on the table as food will be served on the table. This is when the presence of storage chairs makes their life easy. These storage chairs come with hook or racks at the back, where the customers can easily store their bags.  Adding such chairs in your restaurant improves the customer experience

Redecorate your restaurant space with these chair designs to create a welcoming ambiance or customers. Such types of chairs offer luxurious comfort to customers, which motivates them to stay longer. Buying such chairs would be itself an investment, these chairs are easy to maintain and will handle the wear and tear for years to come.

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