Lawyers have a significant amount of online competitors. They would come across having to change consumer shopping behaviour and technical barriers related to online marketing, and this is why the need for search engine optimisation education is evident.

SEO is the method of arranging on-site and off-site factors of a website, so it ranks strongly in search results for keyword phrases or terms. Google has the predominant market share of search engines, somewhere in-between 60 and 80% of searchers using its service. Most strategies for optimising web pages are relevant to a variety of industries, but SEO tactics need to be tailored to the legal sector to be most effective. Marketing in the legal vertical is different because of rules and regulations set out by state bar associations.

Solicitors must be careful regarding representing their firms online. Once you have worked in the legal marketing vertical for more than a decade, some of the severe penalties that state bar associations can impose on law firms for advertising guidelines and violating ethics. In this post, we will discuss several SEO tips for attorneys to ensure their web pages are ranking on the first page of search results in an ethical manner. Find the best SEO agency in Melbourne to ensure your company receive the best results.

Keyword Research and Discovery

Keyword analysis is the first step before a lawyer can begin optimising a website. Attorneys should concentrate on purchase intent keywords which indicates that the searcher is inclined to sign up for legal aids. Those terms should have adequate search volume for a website to receive traffic.

The solution requires you to discover what individuals are looking for based on the searches and what they are typing into search engines. Lawyers can follow these pointers as a guide to keyword research and which phrases to target first:

Compare differences of your target keyword phrases to see what people are searching.
See what phrases your competition is ranking for and try to make your content better than theirs.
Use terms and phrases related to your primary target keyword phrase for a page.
Go after phrases with high search volume but moderate competition.
Find terms related to your practice area.
Discover low competition keywords that can be targeted.

Attorney-Specific Calls To Action

A call to action on any website is composed to get the visitor to take action; CTAs for attorneys are different and need an additional strategy as it links to SEO. Attorneys should place their calls to action above the fold and ensure a phone number is on all pages of the website in a conspicuous location.

There should always be more than one method for contacting the law firm. Not only should you provide a phone number or a contact form, but you also offer multiple ways visitors can reach you, such as an email.

Schema MarkUp

A schema is an HTML code connected to content to ensure it is machine-understandable; it helps search engines understand the relationships amongst various pieces of content. The legal business has its own set of schema that allows search engines to identify content that is related to a law firm or legal professional.

The schema should be applied to the following content on a law firm’s webpage:

Phone Numbers
Attorney Names
Attorney Biographies

Schema markup takes various forms. It conducts text snippets as star reviews and can show up as breadcrumbs, site links and video thumbnails. This does not seem exciting up until you compare dressed up snippets to the search results Google displays by default. Marking up content with schema helps increase click-through rates on search results.

We have now covered the importance of having SEO. Hopefully, you now have an understanding and choose a great SEO agency in Melbourne that will help your company improve and grow.

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