When Aston launched the new DB11 in 2016, it presented to the world the direction in which Aston Martin was heading for the future. The world loved it. Fast forward three years, Aston has given you even more reasons to the love the DB11 with the new DB11 AMR. The suffix denotes Aston Martin Racing and while it’s not a full-fledged race car, it certainly inherits from that racing heritage to make it probably the best GT car in the world. And that’s quite a big statement.

It’s not just numbers that have gone up from 600 hp to 630 hp from a turbo-charged v12 engine or the acceleration to 60 mph that is tenth of a second quicker from the 3.6 seconds of the standard DB11. Aston has made a whole lot of changes to the chassis retuning it for three stage adaptive dampers, firmer engine mounts, stiffer anti-roll bars at the rear and retuning the rear suspension and sub-frame. Do not however think that all this gives the DB11 a firmer ride. It’s surprising how even after all these modifications, the car rides quite well and that’s particularly important for this car as it still aims to be a GT car.

It asks a premium off $22k over the standard DB11. Wondering where all that money goes other these mechanical changes? The DB11 gets a darkened grille and headlamp surrounds, smoked tail light lenses, dark-chrome switch gear, satin carbon fibre trim, yellow accents on the exterior and the interior to add that little bit more zest over the standard car. Can you tell the difference from the standard car? With those yellow accents all along, certainly yes. Oh by the way, the extra money also gives 8 mph extra top speed bringing the speed to 208 mph.

Greatest GT car in the world? Quite So. The sense of drama that comes along with this car with an exhilarating performance and a sonorous V12 engine from AMG that alone is worth all the money, it’s a great future that Aston Martin promises the world and car fanatics like us!

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