Filmmaking is an art that comprises several factors such as –

  • Operating the video camera.
  • Understanding the camera angles and shots.
  • Understanding composition.
  • Working under different kinds of lighting.

The cinematography is the technique of shooting a motion picture and a cinematographer is a person who is in the charge of shooting the film. The cinematography courses in Mumbai are well designed with the objective to introduce the students to the basic technique of camera handling and understand the various functions and uses of the camera. Shooting visuals require one to have the relevant skills on how to use the lighting and filters to enhance the picture.

The cinematography courses in Mumbai helps the students to express their imagination through the use of visuals. The experienced staff of the cinematography institutes makes sure that the students understand what role each and every shot plays in making a movie. The course includes the following-

  • Introduction to the exposure to learn how to work with and control the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed in a different environment.
  • Factors that affect the lighting conditions.
  • Usage and advantages of the exposure meter.
  • Advantages and benefits of using different types of lenses such as- zoom, wide angle, micro.
  • Understanding the importance of depth of field.
  • Understanding the concept of perspective.
  • Learning the concept of the motion picture.
  • Understanding the importance of lighting ratio and contrast.

The students are also taught how to work with different motion picture format. Getting a professional diploma or certificate in cinematography not only increases the chances of getting paid work in the media and entertainment industry.   The courses are usually 6 to 12 months long. With 4-5 classes per week, the students get the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practical use.

The best thing about choosing the best cinematography courses in Mumbai is that the institute offers placement and internship opportunities to the students at prestigious media and production houses. It is a good way for the students to gain work experience and start their career at an early stage.

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