If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you may enjoy backpacking. When you go out with your friends, you may notice that some of them have some pretty exciting gear. All of that gear and equipment must fit into their outdoor backpacks. If you are in the market for a new pack, then you will be thrilled by the great options that outdoor backpacks give you nowadays.

Of course, you can forget about the smaller day packs and hip packs right away because if you are an outdoorsman, you will want a pack that will carry enough gear to get you through several days or weeks. You will probably want to go with either one of the larger midsize packs or any of the expedition packs that offer a large amount of packing space. As you can see, determining the amount of volume your pack needs to hold is a very important part of narrowing down your choices.

To do this, you will need to really think about the types of outdoor adventures you participate in the most. Honestly, most people who are truly outdoor enthusiasts will have a couple of different packs for the different types of activities they like to do. However, if you are not ready to purchase multiple backpacks, you will want to get one that you will be able to use for most things. A pack that is very large can be too bulky if you mostly go for a few days and don’t need quite so much stuff. However, if your pack is too small to hold the gear you need for the week-long trips you take most often, you will regret it. It is a very personal decision, and must be based on your needs.

After you have determined the appropriate volume range of outdoor backpacks that you will be looking at, you will want to look at their features. Some styles have many pockets and compartments both inside and out that can help you keep your equipment and supplies organized. Others have fewer compartments, but seem to be a little more streamlined in their function. It is totally up to you to decide which you like better.

In addition to the pockets, outdoor backpacks will often have specialized pockets, cords, and straps that are designed to carry specialized outdoor gear, such as snowshoes, climbing ropes, and even items such as skis or snowboards. It is important if you plan to carry this kind of gear that you purchase outdoor backpacks that are designed to carry them specifically. If you purchase a different kind of backpack and simply try to hang these pieces of equipment off of the pack, you risk pulling the center of gravity off balance and could actually cause pain and physical damage to the person carrying the pack.

The ergonomics of outdoor backpacks has really improved over the years, with specially designed shoulder straps, sternum straps and hip belts that are all designed to properly distribute the load to keep the majority of the weight near your center of gravity so that it is easier to carry. A well distributed load means that you can more easily carry a heavy load. Some heavier packs are designed so well that they distribute the weight better than smaller packs do. You will need to be fitted to whatever pack you select to make sure that it is designed in such a way that it fits your individual body. Some packs have more adjustability than others, so be sure to ask your salesman when you are having your pack fitted. Make sure it is snug and that it feels comfortable. Ask that a weight similar to what you think you will be carrying be added so that you can be sure of the comfort even when it is fully loaded.

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