Some people think that it is a must for their toddlers to go to preschool. Others think that before they start kindergarten all the skills they need to have can be given by themselves to the kids.

The basics can be given by the parents who have the time for their kids and so the kids can get together socially and learn all those much needed social skills you can set up play dates if you have friends with kids the same age. What if you don’t have the friends with kids the same age or time?

Going to Best Preschool California doesn’t mean going to simply play and sing nursery rhymes anymore, instead allowing your child to learn and grow in a welcoming and safe environment it is play based and a lot of times, academic based learning.

By teaching them simple literacy and math skills, alphabet letters, the names of the shapes and colours they prepare the children for school. By hands on activities that are thoroughly tested and researched to be age appropriate and safe for their students they let them learn.

Encouraging sharing, cooperation and social interaction it is an organized and structured place, and allowing even the smallest of kids to learn to help themselves and make choices it also is a place, all to promote independence. At the Child Care Center Grover Beach they also learn many things.

Preschool programs nurture curiosity and allow the imagination to run wild, all within the safe confines of the school program. Teachers encourage kids to play together and learn new skills and for many kids, this is the first time they have teachers other than their parents or grandparents to help them along.

For the first time the child gets to step out of the comfort zone at Preschool. This is when from their parents for the first time they have to stay away. To make the children ready for the future a preschool is designed. A place where the child feels like home must be a playschool.

Helping in making the children be comfortable and feel secure there are several preschool activities.

Children learn to communicate easily with people and make friends at the preschool is the place. Helping the child to succeed in life it helps in developing the child’s foundation.

Better self-confidence is found in children who have attended preschool. In getting better grades and improving the child’s social skill the preschool learning activities help. Your kid can learn Music at DANDY LION MONTESSORI SCHOOL.

All things needed for learning well and growing strong come elementary school and beyond the programs also encourage gross motor and fine motor skills to develop and grow, and work with the kids to grow their hand eye balance and coordination.

Kids are compared to sponges and since they are so curious about their world they soak up everything and anything. To go out and explore once they get that confidence and inspiration there is no holding them back.

So for you little one is preschool right? The correct answer is with you, but before the ‘real learning’ and routing if school starts just to get the necessary skills in place and before they start kindergarten allowing your toddler to attend there is much research to back up.

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