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McDonalds fries are to die for and for ages they have made sure that there is no compromise in the quality of these delightful potato extravaganza. It’s not just you but no other restaurants or any kitchen in the world can replicate the taste of the authentic McDonald’s French fries. It makes you wonder if there is any special ingredient. Or what is it that makes for the irresistible crispy texture of the golden potato fries. While McDs is pretty secretive about their recipes and what goes on behind the scene of the delicious food in this restaurant but this particular video by the Food Network seems to be giving us a clear picture of the journey of the potatoes from the farms to our tables.

You can see how the potatoes go through multiple levels of sanitation and cleansing procedures before getting packed into giant brown pack to be sent to various McDonald’s (West & South) restaurants. You can clearly see how the potatoes are cut out into equal pieces which calls for the uniformity in the flavours. The rigorous process ensures that every bite of the fries that you take has a uniform taste and something that will make you keep wanting for more. Every year McDonald’s produces 3.5 billion pounds or 1.6 million kilograms of fries at the factories and each and every piece of these potato complies the quality measures and will give the exact same taste that you get in the previous one.

The quality control measures are in place starting from the manual where human interventions make sure to cut off the imperfections in the potatoes to the high tech sensors that can find out defects in the most discreet of places.

Here are few things that you must know about your favourite fries in the world:

When McDonald’s first arrived in India in 1996, they planned to create a local supply chain with Indian farmers cultivating the ingredients of the fries i.e. the potatoes. It was although an extensive task to set up the supply chain overnight, so the very first batch of the French fries were shipped to India through their global collaborators McCain, the potato specialist.

The Shepody potatoes used in McD’s fries are planted twice. At first they are planted in the fields of Lahaul- Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh that offers that perfect weather to grow these potatoes. They are then harvested in September and transported across 1,000 km to reach farmers in the Kheda district of Gujarat where the potatoes are then planted in tubes once again. Then again the month of March the well-grown potatoes are then harvested and sent to McCain factories in Mehsana in Gujarat state of India where they are washed and quality checked and slices in equal pieces and sent to the various McDonalds restaurants in India.

If you still have questions about the quality and the procedure that your favourite McD’s fries are made and brought to your table, you can visit the factory in Mehsana and watch this video that gives all the information about the journey of the potatoes in the McDs fries at the restaurant.

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