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The rapidly evolving tech landscape of today’s digital world has brought up numerous challenges and opportunities for brands to survive and win at their game. The success of your business depends on the kind of strategy you are using. For a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR it has become important to integrate right type of strategy that can turn lead into higher sales, a long term growth that will lead to higher conversions for their clients.

The old marketing techniques are going out of date and there are new set of best practices that brands and their agencies are following. Some of the new stats that are coming to the surface. These includes the fact that 18 to 34 year olds are more likely to ignore online banner ads and typical digital ads that the ones shown on TV, radio and in newspapers. Also, there is more than 54% of internet users that hardly ever click on banner ads because they do not trust them.

So, here are a few new strategy that the digital marketing consultants in Gurgaon and agencies often follow:

  1. More Focus On Customer Needs Instead Of Bells & Whistles

One digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon, Digilogue Communication is always of the belief that it is the customer’s needs and preference that should be given more importance. The MD of the company, Supriyo Gupta is of the belief that building the presence of the brand on the internet and developing the products or service, it is often easy to lose sight of what the customers actually want. However, it is important to ask yourself if your customer really needs the products and services that you’re producing.

  1. Update Your SEO Techniques More Frequently

Google updates their algorithm around 500 time in a year and if you don’t catch up to all the changes then you’re brand is going to fall back in the competition. Various industry experts always recommend that updating your SEO strategy once in a quarter is important. In fact the content writing services in Gurgaon is following the same strategy.

  1. Blogging Is The New Highly Effective Lead Generation Tool

Long format content doesn’t just work in the background any longer. People actually read more and valuable traffic can be driven to your website though it. Also, when shared on social media channels, positive returns and organic leads can be drawn.


  1. High quality webinars and live events have started to work incredibly well

To directly engage and interact with your audience, there are many ways and one of the most effective one currently is through videos. Webinars, podcasts and online promotions by live events are the new big thing in the digital landscape. It allows the brands to share the big picture with the audience.

  1. Refine the email distribution list

Even if you think it is outdated, email marketing is still going strong and you shouldn’t give up on it so easily. In fact the email open rates have increased by 180% on mobile devices since 2014. People like to read their mails more on phones than desktops.


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